Which country is Rosenborg?

Which country is Rosenborg?

Rosenborg Ballklub, commonly referred to simply as Rosenborg (Urban East Norwegian: [ˈrùːsn̩bɔrɡ]) or (especially locally) RBK, is a Norwegian professional football club from Trondheim that plays in Eliteserien.

Which country is Molde?

Molde is the 31st most populous municipality in Norway with a population of 31,967….Molde.

Molde kommune
Country Norway
County Møre og Romsdal
District Romsdal
Established 1 Jan 1838

What league does Molde play?

Norwegian Football Cup
Molde FK/Leagues

listen)) is a professional football club based in Molde, Norway, that competes in Eliteserien, the top flight of Norwegian football. Founded on 19 June 1911, the club was originally known as International and changed its name to Molde in 1915.

What is the meaning of Molde?

noun. cast [noun] a mould/mold. die [noun] a stamp or punch for making raised designs on money, paper etc. pattern [noun] a model or guide for making something.

What is Molde known for?

It is a lovely little fjord city with heaps of charm and atmosphere. Situated by the Romsdalsfjord, Molde is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and wonderful views. The most famous viewpoint is Varden, where the Molde Panorama allows you to enjoy the extraordinary vista of 222 mountain peaks.

Where did Molde finish in the league?

Molde finished 12th in the league and had to play in the relegation playoff against Moss, which Molde won 5–2 on aggregate. Molde won their second Norwegian Cup title on 6 November 2005 when they won 4–2 after extra time against Lillestrøm in the final.

Who was Molde coach in 2015?

Ole Gunnar Solskjær
2015 Molde FK season

2015 season
Chairman Øystein Neerland
Manager Tor Ole Skullerud (until 6 August) Erling Moe (interim) (7 August–21 October) Ole Gunnar Solskjær (from 21 October)
Stadium Aker Stadion
Tippeligaen 6th

Which country is Brann?

Sportsklubben Brann (commonly known as Brann, and less often as SK Brann) is a Norwegian professional football club, founded 26 September 1908, from Bergen….SK Brann.

Full name Sportsklubben Brann
Founded 26 September 1908
Ground Brann Stadion, Bergen
Capacity 17,686
Chairman Siv Elisabeth Rosendahl Skard

Is Molde worth visiting?

Located between some of Norway’s most impressive tourist attractions, like the Romsdalseggen ridge, Trollstigen mountain road, and The Atlantic Road, Molde is an ideal base for a Fjord Norway adventure. The Atlantic Road in Northwest .

Did Ole win the league with Molde?

On 30 October 2011, Solskjær won the Tippeligaen with Molde in his first year as manager for the team.