Where is KL 48 registration?

Where is KL 48 registration?

KL Registration – Regional Transport Office (RTO) KL-48

Registration Authority Wadakkancherry
City Wadakkancherry
State Kerala
Email [email protected]
Address Wadakkanchery, Kerala 680582

Which registration is KL 46?

Sub Regional Transport Offices

No SRT Office Revenue District
KL-46 Guruvayur Thrissur
KL-47 Kodungalloor Thrissur
KL-48 Wadakkanchery Thrissur
KL-49 Alathur Palakkad

What is KL in number plate?

The Vehicle registration plate (commonly known as number plate) number is issued by the district-level Regional Transport Office (RTO) of respective states — the main authority on road matters….Current codes.

State or Union Territory Code
Andaman and Nicobar Islands AN
Kerala KL
Ladakh LA
Lakshadweep LD

Which registration is KL 40?

The RTO code KL40 is registered under Perumbavoor RTO office of Kerala.

How can I check vehicle registration details?

Vehicle Registration Process Via SMS in Punjab Vehicle registration checking number is 8785, enter vehicle registration number and send it to 8785. After sending the SMS you will receive information about the vehicle in which chassis number, engine number, make, registration date, token paid and owner name will mention …

How can I check my vehicle details in Kerala?

Simple steps to Find Vehicle ownership Details in Kerala.

  1. Go to India Government official website(Vahan) of motor vehicle Department. https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/searchstatus.xhtml.
  2. Give the vehicle registration number. Example- KL37D1907.
  3. Enter Captcha.

Where is KL 75 registration?

Check the Thriprayar KL 75 Vehicle registration office Contact Details, email ID and Address….

KL 75 Thriprayar RTO Office Details
RTO Code KL 75
Address Mini Civil Station, Nattika, Thriprayar

Which district is best in Kerala?

List of districts and cities in Kerala by GDP per capita

Rank District Per capita income in Rs.
1 Ernakulam 251,104
2 Kollam 247,014
3 Alappuzha 234,857
4 Thiruvananthapuram 222741

When did kl registration start?

New series of vehicle registration code (KL-01) with letters and digits were allotted to each district with effect from 1989. This included codes for all 14 districts of the state and KSRTC (15).

Which state code is KL?

Group of letters for States / Union Terrirories

Sl.No. State/Union Terrirories Group of letters
13 Himachal Pradesh HP
14 Jammu and Kashmir JK
15 Karnataka KA
16 Kerala KL

Where is KL 99 registration?

The address of Tc Office Sta Office Regional Transport Office in Kerala which is indicated by registration plate KL-99 is here. You can contact the Tc Office Sta Office RTO through the Phone Number or Email ID provided below.

How can I check my car registration by SMS?

Procedure To Check Vehicle Registration Details Via SMS in Punjab, Pakistan

  1. Step 1: Open SMS window. Open SMS window in your mobile phone.
  2. Step 2: Send Vehicle Registration Number To 8785. In SMS window, enter your vehicle registration number and send it to 8785.
  3. Step 3: Get Details.