What was playing on Nova?

What was playing on Nova?

Dreams Jolyon Petch.

  • I Said Hi Amy Shark.
  • That’s What I Want Lil Nas X.
  • Running Away Rumor.
  • Stay The Kid Laroi / Justin Bieber.
  • I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift.
  • Look Into My Eyes Brando.
  • The Motto Tiesto / Ava Max.
  • Who is on radio Nova now?

    Cereal messers PJ Gallagher and Jim McCabe are the new presenters of Radio Nova’s Morning Glory with PJ & Jim. The new show will feature news, sport, weather, traffic and craic every day as well a… Marty Miller can now be heard 10am-1pm Monday to Friday.

    What station is Nova Brisbane?

    Nova FM 106.9
    How to Listen live to Nova FM 106.9, Brisbane’s Favourite Station.

    What is Nova 106.9 Phone Number?

    Contact Nova 106.9

    Postal address Level 3 130 Commercial Road Teneriffe Brisbane QLD 4005
    Telephone: reception +61 7 3872 6999
    Telephone: studio +61 13 24 10
    Wikipedia NOVA_Entertainment
    Official website nova1069.com.au

    What station is Nova Noughties?


    Station Callsign Frequency
    Nova 91.9 5ADL 91.9 MHz DAB+
    Nova 10s N/A DAB+
    Nova 90s N/A DAB+
    Nova Noughties N/A DAB+

    What time is the Nova noise?

    Weekdays at 7am, 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

    What band is Nova?

    Nova was an Italian progressive rock band that was formed in 1975 from members of the bands Osanna and Cervello….Nova (Italian band)

    Genres Progressive rock, jazz rock
    Years active 1975–1978
    Labels Arista
    Associated acts Osanna, Cervello, New Trolls Atomic System, Genesis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Brand X, Atomic Rooster

    What channel number is Nova?

    Nova 96.9 Sydney. Welcome to Nova 96.9, Sydney’s favourite hit music station.

    What is Nova 100 phone number?

    Contact Nova 100

    Postal address Level 2 678 Victoria Street Melbourne VIC 3121
    Telephone: reception +61 3 8420 3999
    Telephone: studio +61 13 24 10
    Wikipedia NOVA_Entertainment
    Official website nova100.com.au