What Voorletters means?

What Voorletters means?

Voorletters are the first letters of all names that appear in all the official documents (ID, passport, birth certificate, bankcard etc.) If Liz Beatrice Cunningham’s names are “Elizabeth Beatrice”, she would indicate E.B. The voorletters are important to distinguish between members of the same family.

What is ouderdom?

noun. antiquity [noun] great age. old age [noun] the later part of a person’s life.

What does voornaam mean in English?

adjective. grand [adjective] highly respected. lordly [adjective] grand or proud.

What is Achternaam English?

noun. family name [noun] the part of someone’s name which all the people in their family have; last name, surname. surname [noun] a person’s family name.

What is Tussenv?

preposition. between [preposition] in, to, through or across the space dividing two people, places, times etc.

What does Tussenvoegsel mean in English?

A tussenvoegsel ([ˈtʏsə(ɱ)ˌvuxsəl]) in a Dutch name is a family name affix positioned between a person’s given name and the main part of their family name. The most common tussenvoegsels are van, e.g. Vincent van Gogh meaning “from”; and de, e.g. Greg de Vries, meaning “the”.

What Huisnummer means?

Translations. huisnummer Noun. huisnummer, het ~ house number, the ~ Noun.

What is TOEV in Dutch?

The letter a or b is the toevoeging, abbreviated as toev. Meaning addition. It can also be 7bis or 317 III where bis is the toevoeging for second house or second floor, and III the Roman 3 for third floor as toevoeging.

What is the first name in the world?

Most Popular First Names In The World

Rank Forename Incidence
1 Maria 61,134,526
2 Nushi 55,898,624
3 Mohammed 45,652,154
4 Jose 29,946,427