What time is the last Met to Altrincham?

What time is the last Met to Altrincham?

Use the tool above to find the first and last tram time for your journey….Operating hours.

Monday to Saturday 06:00 to 00:00
Sunday 07:00 to 00:00

When did the last tram run in Manchester?

“The last tram ran in Manchester in 1949 – although Stockport continued to run theirs for a further two years, ending in 1951. It was the end of an era. “They didn’t take up the tram tracks – they simply tarmacked over them. So they will still be under the city’s streets today.

What time do trams stop running Birmingham?

You can buy tickets from the conductor on the tram or using a Swift pay as you go card. On Monday to Saturday, there are trams: every 15 minutes between 4.45am and 7am. every 6 to 8 minutes during the day.

What tram goes to Altrincham?

The Altrincham Line is a tram line of the Manchester Metrolink running from Manchester to Altrincham in Greater Manchester. Originally a railway line, it was, along with the Bury Line, converted into a tramway during 1991–92, as part of the first phase of the Metrolink system.

Is there a direct tram from Altrincham to Bury?

Metrolink’s Altrincham-Bury Service operates from Monday to Saturday at peak times. It runs from Altrincham to Bury, passing through Manchester city centre.

Is the tram free in Manchester?

Free tram travel Travel free on Metrolink trams in the city zone if you have bought a rail ticket for travel from any Greater Manchester station to a city zone station (request a Metrolink add-on free of charge when purchasing your rail ticket).

When did the last tram run in Stockport?

Stockport Corporation Tramways
Close 25 August 1951
Status Closed
Track gauge 4 ft 81⁄2 in (1,435 mm)

When did Manchester Metro open?

April 6, 1992Metrolink / Began operation

Is West Midlands Metro running today?

Services have now resumed and trams are operating between Wolverhampton St George’s and Bull Street. While there are no services between Bull Street and Library, Metro tickets and passes will be accepted on the following National Express bus services: 9, 12/A, 13/A, 23, 24, 82, 87, 126, X8 and X10.