What song is at the end of Ghostbusters 2?

What song is at the end of Ghostbusters 2?

“On Our Own” plays when the end credits start. “Spirit” plays when the rest of the end credits scroll after the fade to black. “We’re Back” plays at the “Music Scoring Mixer” credit around the 1:43:35 mark. “Ghostbusters (rap version)” plays at around the 1:45:26 mark towards the end of the end credits.

What song is playing in Ghostbusters 2?

Track listing

No. Title Performer
1. “On Our Own” Bobby Brown
2. “Supernatural” New Edition
3. “The Promised Land” James “J.T.” Taylor
4. “We’re Back” Bobby Brown

Who sang the second Ghostbusters song?

Performed & Rap by Run-D.M.C. (as RUN – D.M.C.) Courtesy of Profile Records Inc. Produced by L.A. Reid (as L.A.) & Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds (as Babyface) for LA’ Face, Inc. Courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.

Was there a higher love in Ghostbusters?

“(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher” is played during Ghostbusters II in: Chapter 13: Mood Slime.

What happened at the end of Ghostbusters 2?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife ending, explained Ray apologises for not believing him, Winston says he will do good by his friend, and Venkman just nods. Egon then turns around to face his estranged daughter Callie who runs up to him and embraces him.

What year was Ghostbusters 2 made?

June 16, 1989 (USA)Ghostbusters II / Release date

Did Ray Parker Jr have a cameo in Ghostbusters?

Ray Parker Jr.’s music video for the Ghostbusters theme song included several celebrity cameos. Although music videos were still a new medium in 1984, Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman made the unprecedented decision to make the promotional film himself.

How much did Ray Parker pay Huey Lewis?

Ray Parker, Jr. got his fair share of the cash and fame. Huey Lewis got his $5 million settlement agreement and got his karma (and more money) repaid with being a central obsession on the movie and soundtrack of American Psycho.