What kind of transmission fluid does a Suzuki take?

What kind of transmission fluid does a Suzuki take?

Certified and approved by General Motors for all cars and trucks that require DEXRON®-VI. Also recommended for use where DEXRON®, DEXRON®-III H, III, IIE and II are specified.

What kind of oil does a gearbox take?

For example, most modern gearboxes require a GL-4 oil, and separate differentials (where fitted) require a GL-5 oil. While they take the same form, the viscosity grades for gear oils are on a different scale than the viscosity grades for an engine oil. The viscometrics for gear oils are standardized in SAE J306.

Which gearbox oil is best?

Our top pick for the best transmission fluid is the Castrol Transmax Dex/Merc ATF. It works for the majority of domestic cars out there and delivers great results. If you’re looking for something even more wallet-friendly, check out the ACDelco Dexron VI Synthetic ATF.

What transmission fluid does Suzuki Swift use?

FRAM Transmission Fluid – Dexron III / Mercon Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Quart (Part No. F420)

What kind of transmission fluid does a Suzuki XL 7 take?

Castrol – Transmax ATF DEXRON®-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Quart (Part No. 15B1A0)

How do you check the transmission fluid in a Suzuki?

Position a drain pan under the check-and-fill plug and remove it, using a ratchet and socket. Insert your finger in the hole and feel for the transmission oil. The correct level of the oil is at the base of the check-and-fill hole.

How do I choose gearbox oil?

How do you select a gearbox oil?

  1. Gearbox type: dimensions, the metal from which the teeth are made, sliding properties and gear ratio, open or closed casing, etc.
  2. Operating conditions: depending on the load, vibration and shock levels, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties determine the choice of lubricant.

What is the meaning of 80w90?

The numbers “80W-90” refer to the viscosity grades of the oil. Since it has two numbers, this oil has two viscosity grades. The ‘W’ means winter. The number “80” — in this case — signifies that the oil is designed to work well in lower temperatures.

What is the difference between gear oil and transmission oil?

The most obvious answer to this question is that gear oil is generally intended for use in manual gear boxes and transmission fluid is for automatic transmissions.

How many Litres of oil does a Suzuki Swift take?

Model: Suzuki Swift, RS (2004 – 2010)

1 2
Swift 1.3 4×4 (RS413) (2004 – 2010) M 13A 3.7
Swift 1.5 (RS415) (2004 – 2010) M 15A 3.7
Swift 1.6 (RS416) (2006 – 2010) M 16A 3.7
Swift 1.3 Diesel (RS413D) (2005 – 2010) Z13DT 3.2

Is there a Suzuki brand of gear oil for outboard?

My local dealer did not have Suzuki brand of gear oil. I know that’s not required but my concern is all that was available was the following product: Yamalube lubricant Marine Gearcase Lube HD. It says it is for Yamaha V8 Outboard Lower Units. However, there is no specification information on the bottle and I can’t find any on line.

What gear Lube do you use?

I always use the Quicksilver High performance gear lube. For Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Mercury Just be sure it is a GL-5 rated oil. The GL5 has twice the high pressure protection of the GL4 rated gear oil.

Which gear oil for a Yamaha 250?

In this thread an owner of a Yamaha 250 was trying to find an acceptable gear oil for his motor. He stated his manual says he should use the Yamalube Gear Lube HD or any other oil that is an SAE 90 GL5 rated oil. This makes me conclude that the Yamalube HD has those same qualities and should be fine for my engine.

What kind of oil do you use in a 90 gear?

Specifically engineered SAE 90 Gear Oil with additional additives to help protect shear, water infiltration, rust and corrosion. ALL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CUSTOMS/IMPORT FEES OR DUTIES THAT ARE DUE AT THE TIME OF PICKUP IN YOUR COUNTRY.