What is transistor 2SC5200?

What is transistor 2SC5200?

The 2SC5200 is a high power NPN Transistor with a collector to emitter voltage of 230V and collector current of 30A. The transistor is available in TO-264 package and is commonly used Amplifier designs.

What is the difference between 2SC5200 and TTC5200?

There are pros and cons of the lower die size and Cob of the TTC5200 – it may be faster, but less stable in some applications. Most probably also less rugged than the original 2sc5200, but it’s also less expensive.

Which is the most commonly used transistor?

Common emitter
Common emitter is the most commonly used transistor arrangement.

What is 2N3055 transistor?

The 2N3055 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. It was introduced in the early 1960s by RCA using a hometaxial power transistor process, transitioned to an epitaxial base in the mid-1970s. Its numbering follows the JEDEC standard. It is a transistor type of enduring popularity.

Which transistors can be used for audio amplifier?

Since the 1970s, most modern audio amplifiers are based on solid-state transistors, especially the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) and the metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET).

Which amplifier has highest voltage gain?

The common emitter amplifier configuration produces the highest current and power gain of all the three bipolar transistor configurations.

Which configuration has lowest current gain?


Parameter Common-Base CE (Darlington)
Input Current IE IB
Output Current IC IC
Current Gain α d c = I C I E β d c = β 1 β 2
Voltage Gain Medium Medium

What is a 2sc5200 transistor?

Note: Complete Technical Details can be found at the 2SC5200 datasheet given at the end of this page. The 2SC5200 is a high power NPN transistor originally from Toshiba. Due to its high current gain and collector current it is very commonly used in ‘High power audio circuits or AF amplifiers.

What happened to the Toshiba 2sa5200 transistor?

But now the Transistor is absolute from Toshiba and it has been replaced with TTA5200, but still the good old 2SA5200 can still be found in the market since it is still being cloned by other manufacturers in china. The 2SC5200 is mainly used in amplifier designs along with its counterpart 2SA1943.

What are the legs of a 2sc5200?

2SC5200 first leg is the Base, middle leg is the Collector, and the rightmost leg is the Emitter. A capacitor, 25v and 470uf. This is an electrolyte capacitor. The longer leg is the +ve while the shorter leg is the ground. if in case both the legs are of the same length, then the leg on the line side will be the ground leg.