What is the most important thing to be noted about the Battle of Tirad Pass?

What is the most important thing to be noted about the Battle of Tirad Pass?

Tirad Pass is an important passage in going to the Cordillera in Northern Luzon where a battle was fought when Gen. Del Pilar held his ground in defending the main force of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in his escape to Isabela from the ensuing American forces.

Who is the hero Tirad Pass?

Gregorio del Pilar
Based on the story of Gregorio del Pilar, Philippines’ youngest military general and hero in the battle of Tirad Pass.

What happened in the Battle of Tirad Pass summary?

On 2 December 1899, American and Filipino forces clashed in the Battle of Tirad Pass. Instead of the massive losses King Leonidas inflicted upon the Persians, only two American soldiers expired in the battle. Rather than fighting to the last man as at Thermopylae, eight of the 60 Filipino defenders survived the battle.

What did Gregorio del Pilar do in Tirad Pass?

As one of the youngest generals in the Revolutionary Army, he was known for the successful assault on the Spanish barracks in the municipality of Paombong, his victory on the first phase Battle of Quingua and his last stand at the Battle of Tirad Pass during the Philippine–American War.

When did the Battle of Tirad Pass happened?

December 2, 1899Battle of Tirad Pass / Start date
The Battle of Tirad Pass, sometimes referred to as the “Philippine Thermopylae”, was a battle in the Philippine–American War fought on December 2, 1899, in northern Luzon in the Philippines, in which a 60-man Filipino rear guard commanded by Brigadier General Gregorio del Pilar succumbed to more than 500 Americans.

How long did the Battle of Tirad Pass last?

five hours
#TodayInHistory | In December 2, 1899, General Gregorio del Pilar took his last stand at Pasong Tirad, with around 60 Filipino men facing around 300 Americans. The battle lasted for more than five hours, and nearly all of the Filipino forces were killed.

Where is Tirad Pass?

Ilocos Sur
Battle of Tirad Pass/Locations

Why is Gregorio del Pilar a hero?

Was considered to be the “Hero of Bulacan” for his valiant effort of liberating his home province, Bulacan, during the Philippine Revolution of 1897.

Where did Battle of Tirad Pass happen?

Who won the Battle of Tirad Pass?

Battle of Tirad Pass

Date December 2, 1899
Location Tirad Pass, Ilocos Sur, Philippines 17°08′32″N 120°37′46″ECoordinates: 17°08′32″N 120°37′46″E
Result Tactical Filipino victory Strategic American victory Death of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar Filipino forces successfully delay the American advance

When did the Battle of Tirad Pass happen?