What is the BIS key on a sax?

What is the BIS key on a sax?

The Bis key Bb You’ll notice from the diagram that the bis key is the small key in between your index finger “B” and second finger “C”. This key is designed to be pressed with the index finger covering both keys simultaneously.

Why is it called a BIS key?

It means “double” as in the double of something already existing. For example, you would find a house on number 3 of a street and another house on 3 would be called 3bis. So concerning the Bb it means the bis key is like a second option towards the same result 😉 Just like a Bb number 2.

What is the BIS key on tenor sax?

You’ll see that the bis key is the little key that’s between the A and B keys on the left hand stack. You use the same finger you use to finger the B (your index finger, or what would actually be referred to as LH1 in most fingering charts, since it’s the top finger of the left hand).

What does biskey mean?

bis keynoun. A key using alternative fingerings for certain notes on woodwind instruments. Specifically, a key that is located between the first and second keys operated by the left hand on a saxophone. Pressing LH1 and the bis key simultaneously results in the sounding of a Bb.

Why is a saxophone in B flat?

The reason for this is due to concert pitched instruments like piano or guitar. If you were to play a middle C on a piano and then play a C on your sax you’ll get two different pitches. Thus when transposed you’ll get a concert B flat from a sop or tenor, and a concert E flat from an alto or baritone.

What is BISS code?

BISS-E (E for encrypted) is a variation where the decoder has stored one secret BISS-key entered by for example a rightsholder. This is unknown to the user of the decoder. The user is then sent a 16-digit hexadecimal code, which is entered as a “session key”.

Why is tenor sax in BB?

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