What is the biggest cubic inch SBC?

What is the biggest cubic inch SBC?

The largest-displacement small-blocks ever produced by GM are the LSX454/LSX454R crate engines offered through Chevrolet Performance, at 454 cubic inches (7.4L); the largest-displacement small-block for a production vehicle is the 427-cubic-inch (7.0L) LS7 used currently in the Corvette Z06.

How much HP does a SBC 383 have?

That combo would probably make around 465 hp and nearly 500 lb-ft, but at less rpm. But never mind that. The point here is 502 lb-ft at 4,700 rpm and 500-plus horsepower from 5,700-6,200 rpm….Hot Rod’s Proven Recipe For A Simple Chevy 383 That Knocks Down 500 HP And 500 LB-FT.

True 383 Power
6,200 425 502

How many CI is a 383 stroker?

A 383 stroker has a 0.030 over bore of the stock 350, giving you 4.030 as a bore diameter. Putting the 400 crank in the 350 increases the stroke to 3.750. Other than that, all the other dimensions stay the same. If you do the math, you will get 382.6; round up and you have 383 ci.

What is a SBC 408?

408 Chevy Long Block Our 408 Stroker Crate Engine is built with a 350 block and a 4-inch stroker crank. A 350 Chevy with the same block clearance as a 383 and a standard base circle cam houses a big block stroke and 6-inch rod.

How much power can a 400 SBC make?

With timing and jetting maximized, the 400 managed to produce 458 lb-ft of torque at a still low 4,000 rpm, while kicking up the peak horsepower to just 401 at 5,400 rpm.

How much HP does a 400 SBC have?

From the factory 165 hp and 200hp. Depending on the year, in the 1970s 265 hp to 300 hp depending on how it was configured, 4 barrel, compression ratio ect.

Why do they call it a 383 stroker?

Chevy does recommend that this engine be paired with a Holley 4-barrell carburetor to ensure that the maximum performance specifications are reached. As you might guess from the name, the displacement of this engine is 383 cubic inches (6.27L), thanks to the longer stroke provided by the Chevy 400 crankshaft.

Will 400 heads fit on a 350?

They are most likely cracked. They are decent flowing head but with 76cc chambers your compression ratio will be low.

How much horsepower can a 400 small block Chevy handle?

525 hp
With our low-compression, power-adder friendly 400-inch small-block easily exceeding 525 hp, it was time for some boost. And that’s where things start to get very interesting.