What is the best bluing method?

What is the best bluing method?

Traditionally, bluing was performed using a hot salt method, and currently, cold bluing and hot bluing are performed, both with varying results. Hot bluing s considered to be the best method only by the addition of heat, which helps set the bluing solution into place faster than with a cold bluing method.

How is rust bluing done?

Essentially, rust bluing uses an acid solution to rust the steel in a controlled environment. Boiling the rust converts the red oxide to black oxide which constitutes the metal finish. The excess rust is removed and the process is repeated until the desired finish is required.

How long does rust bluing take?

Fume bluing The mixed fumes of the acids produce a uniform rust on the surface of the parts (inside and out) in about 12 hours. The parts are then boiled in distilled water, blown dry, then carded, as with rust bluing.

Should I Reblue an old gun?

Should I Re-Blue or Re-Finish My Gun? The short answer is no. Firearms with an original finish, even if they have visible wear and discoloration are generally more valuable than those that have been refinished (re-blued or parkerized).

Can you cold blue over existing blue?

To many, the answer is surprisingly – NO! If bluing is just worn and there is no apparent active red rust, Rustblue can be applied directly over it and will blend the old with the new and render a uniform texture. It is not necessary to remove all existing blue.

Can you blue A knife?

Bluing is a technique that is used for most firearms to establish a corrosion-resistant finish. If you wish to blue your knife blade to add corrosion protection, this can be accomplished in the same way as bluing gun metal.

What happens if you blue over rust?

Should you Reblue a gun?

Can a rusted gun be repaired?

Most rust issues yes we can fix them (a quality gunsmith). But it is time intensive work. So that translates to how much money do you want to throw at it. Even deep pits on most parts can be welded up and reshaped again very expensive.