What is SELCAL used for?

What is SELCAL used for?

SELCAL is a signaling method which can alert an individual aircraft that a ground station wishes to communicate with it. SELCAL signals can be transmitted over either HF or VHF RTF. A SELCAL transmission consists of a combination of four preselected audio tones which takes approximately two seconds to transmit.

What does SELCAL mean in aviation?

Selective Calling
Selective Calling (SELCAL) is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) managed communications method used to notify aircraft that a ground radio station wishes to communicate.

What is SELCAL number or codes?

SELCAL codes are made up of the various combinations of alphabetic characters represented as two pairs (for example AC-BD), with each character representing a unique audio frequency (see table at the bottom of this page).

How is the problem reduced where an aircraft have the same SELCAL code?

7.7 How is the problem reduced where 2 aircraft have the same SELCAL code? Answer: Either by assigning the same code to aircraft on opposite sides of the globe or by assigning different HF channels (HF only).

What is Mode S Hex code?

ICAO Mode-S 24-bit HEX codes All modern aircraft are assigned a unique ICAO 24-bit address (also known as Mode-S ‘hex code’) since 2007 based on registration allocated by the relevant civil aviation authority. Normally the address is never changed; however the onboard transponders can be wrongly programmed.

What is selcall on a UHF?

Selcall (selective calling) is a type of squelch protocol used in radio communications systems, in which transmissions include a brief burst of sequential audio tones. Receivers that are set to respond to the transmitted tone sequence will open their squelch, while others will remain muted.

What precaution is necessary if a pilot receives a SELCAL intended for a different airplane?

What precaution is necessary if a pilot receives a Selcal intended for a different airplane? To warn pilot’s that it’s possible to receive a Selcal alert not intended for them. This can be corrected by the pilot clearly identifying his flight to the ground station.

What does Asri do?

Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc. (ASRI) manages and coordinates radio communication licensing for the aviation industry in the United States and all U.S. territories.

What is the difference between ASRI and ARINC?

In January 2006 ASRI replaced ARINC as the registrar of the SELCAL system for the aviation community. ASRI, instead of ARINC, is now responsible for administering SELCAL codes, maintaining the database, and providing periodic reports on the status of the SELCAL system to ICAO.

What does ARINC do for SELCAL?

From that point, ARINC became the official registrar of SELCAL codes, accepting all SELCAL applications directly, as well as providing an annual report to ICAO with a summary of SELCAL usage. In 2006, the ARINC section responsible for SELCAL was re-structured into a separate company called Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc. (ASRI).

Who is the official ICAO SELCAL registrar?

ASRI is now the official ICAO SELCAL Registrar for all SELCAL codes worldwide. Given the growth in the demand for SELCAL codes, there is a shortage of available 4-letter codes.