What is PB55?

What is PB55?

Ans: PB55 is the code of Payal City.

How big is PB5?

A pint is 600ml, so if you see a PB5, it means it holds 5 pints of volume. 5 pints is roughly 2.8L.

Where is PB18?

The RTO code PB-18 is registered under Batala RTO office of Punjab.

What is pb99?

PB-99 – Punjab Vehicle Registration details with Address The address of Dinanagar Sdm Regional Transport Office in Punjab which is indicated by registration plate PB-99 is here.

Is Amritsar a majha?

Majha (Punjabi: ਮਾਝਾ (Gurmukhi), ماجھا (Shahmukhi); Mājhā) is a region located in the central parts of the historical Punjab region split between India and Pakistan. Four districts of Indian state of Punjab – Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Gurdaspur, and Pathankot.