What is Kromopan alginate?

What is Kromopan alginate?

Kromopan® is a chromatic alginate impression material with more than 168 hours of dimensional stability. The chromatic phase indicator helps with the preparation of impressions, without having to worry about temperature changes or specific water hardness, for detailed dental impressions every time.

How long does it take before the Kromopan changes colour?

An irreversible hydrocolloid, Kromopan changes color during each stage of impression-taking, requires minimal time in the patient’s mouth, and remains dimensionally stable for 48-100 hours prior to pouring.

Is alginate a polymer?

Alginate is a naturally occurring anionic polymer typically obtained from brown seaweed, and has been extensively investigated and used for many biomedical applications, due to its biocompatibility, low toxicity, relatively low cost, and mild gelation by addition of divalent cations such as Ca2+ [4].

Why should alginate impression be poured with plaster or cast stone as soon as possible?

Comments. As mentioned earlier, an alginate impression should be poured immediately to prevent dimensional changes. The cast should not be separated from the impression until 45 to 60 min have passed. Prolonged contact between alginate and gypsum should be avoided because a soft, chalky cast surface may be produced.

When taking an alginate impression which area is seated first?

The mandibular arch is taken first. Many patients tend to gag on the maxillary impression because they experience the sensation that the alginate is flowing down their throats. Ifthe mixture is 100 fluid or the tray overfilled gagging may actually occur.

What is alginate made from?

Alginates are made up of two uronic acids: d-mannuronic acid (M) and l-guluronic acid (G) extracted from brown seaweeds Phaeophyceae and kelp [68,69]. The alginic acid form of alginate is extracted from the seaweed in alkaline conditions, then precipitated and ion exchanged (e.g., with potassium).

How do you prevent bubbles in alginate impressions?

Smear the impression material (ex: alginate) onto the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and into undercuts by finger pressure before the impression tray is placed. This prevents the occurrence of trapping bubbles in the impression.

How long can alginate be stored?

What Is the Shelf Life of Alginate? Properly stored at room temperature (73°F/ 23°C) in a low humidity environment (below 50% RH), these products have a shelf life of 18 months from date of manufacture in unopened containers.

Which alginate impression should be completed first?

Which impression will you take first and why?

The lower impression is typically done first, followed by the upper. Because the impression has to get to the back of your mouth to get the back teeth, some patients think the alginate is going to slide down their throat. Don’t worry – it won’t. Orthodontic assistants take many impressions every day.