What is Bunny Williams Style?

What is Bunny Williams Style?

Interiors by AD100 designer Bunny Williams have always been studied riffs on traditionalism—expertly selected antiques mixed with classic, contemporary pieces and a dash of color from objects and accessories collected across the globe.

Who is Bunny Williams husband?

dealer John Rosselli
In addition to running her own business and overseeing multiple home decor collaborations, for the past 25 years she and her husband, antiques dealer John Rosselli, ran Treillage, a trendsetting garden shop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that sold patinated urns and weathered furniture long before anybody else did.

What is Bunny Williams real name?

Bruce Boxley Blackwell
Ms. Williams, a native of Charlottesville, Va., born Bruce Boxley Blackwell (named after her mother), first gained acclaim for her work with the design team Parish-Hadley Associates, the firm of American design luminaries Albert Hadley and Sister Parish. (Bunny, she said, was a nickname her father bestowed.)

Where Did Bunny Williams grow up?

Charlottesville, Virginia
Bunny grew up in the countryside near Charlottesville, Virginia. Her parents encouraged her passion for the arts and led her to Garland Junior College in Boston, where she studied interior design.

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Where is Bunny Williams?

Bunny and her husband, the antiques dealer John Rosselli, have their primary residence and offices in Manhattan, but for the last six months of 2020, they have been hunkering down in their home in Connecticut, which is where she was when we chatted by phone.

Who is Charlotte Moss married to?

Barry FriedbergCharlotte Moss / Spouse
Owner of a very successful design business and married to Wall Street financier Barry Friedberg, Moss clearly does not have to pinch pennies, though to her credit, she does advocate putting your feet up on the precious antiques.

Where Did Bunny Williams go to college?

Bunny Williams is born in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she grows up attending country auctions and helping her mother decorate her family’s house. “In the South,” says Williams, “your home is your project.” Studies interior design at Garland Junior College in Boston. “My mother encouraged me to pursue the arts.

Where does Furlow Gatewood live?

Americus, Georgia
Antiques expert Furlow Gatewood’s highly personal property in bucolic Americus, Georgia, where he has meticulously restored his family’s carriage house and added intimate dwellings and outbuildings-several rescued from demolition-has evolved over decades to become a sublime expression of stylish living.

How old is Furlow Gatewood?

90 years old
(You should know that Gatewood is 90 years old.)

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What makes Bunny’s house so special?

In addition to renovating and decorating the federal-style house, Bunny has created multiple gardens and used the windowed facade of a 19th-century house to transform the existing barn into a conservatory. Decorated with handsome antiques and sparkles of gold, the house has a sense of history and gravitas, but also of life and change.

What inspired the color of Bunny’s room?

The wall color was inspired by the yellow-orange of a room in Belmond Villa San Michele, a former monastery in Fiesole, Italy. Bunny painted the walls herself, achieving the watercolor-over-plaster effect by thinning the paint with water. Every room should have some gold in it. It reflects light, and to me it’s not formal—to me it’s happy.

What is the Bunny Williams bed made out of?

The bed, made of bone, was designed by John and built in his shop; the limestone-topped bedside table is from Bunny Williams Home. Bunny bought this painted English chest at an auction; the mirror is a carved French antique, and the “hydrangeas” and their pots are all made of tole.