What is a propeller overhaul?

What is a propeller overhaul?

During an overhaul, your propeller will first be completely disassembled and visually inspected. Each component is inspected for any damage and measured. Then, the service facility will refurbish the blade to its proper specifications. Finally, the propellers are reassembled and properly balanced.

When should you overhaul a propeller?

All propellers have recommended overhaul intervals based on calendar time and flight hours. Depending on the prop model, the amount of time in service could be 1,500 or 2,000 flight hours. It is important that calendar time be carefully considered at about 5 years in service.

How much is a propeller overhaul?

Typical prop overhauls come to under $3000 and with new props starting at around $6000 or so, the overhaul just looks better.

What is an aircraft propeller shop?

Physical propeller damage include nicks, dings, gouges, and cracks on both the propeller blades and the propeller governor. A propeller repair shop has the tools to do much more detailed inspections of propellers for cracks, including optical, eddy current, dye penetrant, and magnetic particle inspections.

How many times can a propeller be overhauled?

Hours or years? Aircraft propellers have recommended overhaul intervals based on calendar time and flight hours. Depending upon the propeller model, this interval could be between 1,000 to 2,000 flight hours; but, there is also a calendar limit (typically five years) that is often ignored.

How often should a McCauley prop be overhauled?

McCauley recommends that their fixed-pitch propellers be overhauled every seven years or 2,000 hours, while Sensenich only uses 2,000 operating hours as the TBO for their propellers. These overhauls are important, both for safety and performance.

Can I use a damaged propeller?

You can use it forever if there are no nicks or dings or not chipped at all. Even the corrosion can be a problem on your propeller; if the corrosion ate the propeller, you need to replace or repair it. So, by looking at the propeller, you can decide whether to replace it or not.

How often do airplane engines need overhaul?

Mandated Times Between Overhauls (TBOs) vary based on different engine categories and types. Older and smaller jet engines typically have TBOs of 5,000 hours at the most. More modern engines have about 6,000 hours or more.

What is done to cause a McCauley propeller to feather?

When the cockpit control is moved to feather, the governor lever and shaft are turned beyond normal low RPM operating limits. As the threaded shaft backs out, the shaft lift rod engages the pilot valve spindle and lifts the pilot valve. This causes oil to flow out of the propeller, and it moves to feather pitch.