What happened Turners housekeeper?

What happened Turners housekeeper?

John Danby, a successful organist and glee composer, lived in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, and was a near neighbour of the Turner family, who lived in Maiden Lane. He suffered with poor health, probably rheumatoid arthritis, and died, aged 41, in 1798.

Who is JMW Turner?

Turner, in full Joseph Mallord William Turner, (born April 23, 1775, London, England—died December 19, 1851, London), English Romantic landscape painter whose expressionistic studies of light, colour, and atmosphere were unmatched in their range and sublimity.

Is Mr Turner historically accurate?

Although the best-known image of Turner is the handsome self-portrait he painted in 1799, when he was around 25, the film’s characterisation of him as an ugly, grumpy, sullen and shambolic old man is accurate to contemporary descriptions.

What is Joseph Turner known for?

Joseph Mallord William Turner (23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851), known in his time as William Turner, was an English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist. He is known for his expressive colourisations, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings.

Is there a photograph of Turner?

The only photographic portrait of JMW Turner has gone on public display for the first time at a fair in London. The image from 1847 of one of Britain’s most celebrated painters has previously always been held in private collections.

Where was the film Turner filmed?

Turner was filmed in several locations around the UK. Margate was not used to represent Turner’s Margate, but rather Kingsand in Cornwall. The production visited Kent to shoot a couple of scenes.

Why is J.M.W. Turner on the 20?

The new £20 note celebrates Turner, his art and his legacy in all their radiant, colourful, evocative glory.” The note features several tributes to the artist, including the quote “Light is therefore colour” from an 1818 lecture by Turner referring to the use of light, shade, colour and tone in his pictures.

Where was J.M.W. Turner born?

Covent Garden, London, United KingdomJ. M. W. Turner / Place of birth

Where did Turner live with Mrs Booth?

Turner formed a relationship with Sophia Caroline Booth (1798–1875) after her second husband died, and he lived at 118 and 119, Cheyne Walk in Chelsea for about 18 years.

Was Turner famous in his lifetime?

Joseph Mallord William Turner RA (23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851), known in his time as William Turner, was an English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist….J. M. W. Turner.

J. M. W. Turner RA
Nationality English
Education Royal Academy of Arts
Known for Paintings
Notable work The Fighting Temeraire Rain, Steam and Speed

Where is Turner buried?

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, United KingdomJ. M. W. Turner / Place of burial