What happened in history on July 8th?

What happened in history on July 8th?

This Day in History: July 8 On this day in 1497, Vasco da Gama sailed from Lisbon with a fleet of four vessels, and he ultimately opened a sea route from western Europe to Asia by way of the Cape of Good Hope, ushering in a new era in world history.

Is July 8th a good birthday?

Because of their disciplined nature, July 8 individuals are good about personal health and fitness. They’re careful about their diet and are often fitness fanatics. They find that meditation helps them manage daily stress.

What famous person has a birthday on July 8?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Anjelica Huston, Billy Crudup, Jaden Smith, Kevin Bacon, Maya Hawke, Milo Ventimiglia, Wolfgang Puck and more.

What is special on 8th July in India?

1497 Vasco da Gama sets off on a voyage to India from Lisbon with 4 ships. A year later, he reached the city of Calicut in southern India and became the first European to set foot in India by way of the sea.

What are special days in July?

Several important days are often celebrated in July to raise awareness about some matter….Shikha Goyal.

Important Days in July 2021
Date Name of Important Days
4 July Independence Day USA
6 July World Zoonoses Day
11 July World Population Day

Who died on July 8th?

The people who died on this day are less famous than people who died on other days.

  • #2 Christiaan Huygens. Saturday, April 14, 1629 – Friday, July 8, 1695.
  • #3 Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  • #4 Vivien Leigh.
  • #5 Ernest Borgnine.
  • #6 Simon Kuznets.
  • #7 Oscar I of Sweden.
  • #8 Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge.
  • #9 Pope Gregory XV.

Can zodiac signs be mixed?

Can you have two zodiac signs? Not exactly. Rather than technically being born under two signs, people born on a zodiac cusp are unique individuals whose date of birth brings the energy and traits of two distinct signs together, creating a separate astrological personality with blended qualities.

Who is born on July?

July Celebrity Birthdays

  • July 1. Liv Tyler. Dan Aykroyd. Andre Braugher.
  • July 2. Margot Robbie. Lindsay Lohan. Larry David.
  • July 3. Tom Cruise. Olivia Munn. Yeardley Smith.
  • July 4. Melissa Barrera. Neil Simon.
  • July 5. Edie Falco. Huey Lewis.
  • July 6. Kevin Hart. Eva Green.
  • July 7. Bérénice Bejo. Ringo Starr.
  • July 8. Kevin Bacon. Jeffrey Tambor.

Are cancers smart?

In fact, according to Business Insider, Cancers are actually one of the most emotionally intelligent signs, because they excel at recognizing and reasoning with their own and others’ feelings. Cancer’s use their emotional intelligence and intuition to assess other people and their emotions, and ultimately help them.

Are cancerians beautiful?

Cancerians are attractive because: You never quite know which ~mood~ you’ll find them in, and life is rarely dull as a result of their quicksilver emotional states. They have beautiful eyes. All Cancerians have deep, all-seeing and all-knowing peepers.

Who’s birthday is 8th July in India?

Look at Famous Famous Indian celebrities born in July

Date of Birth Indian Celebrity
Date Month Name
8 July Jyoti Basu
Y S Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR)
Neetu Singh