What Flavours can you get in pot noodles?

What Flavours can you get in pot noodles?

Mac & Cheese. (Picture: Pot Noodle)

  • Sticky Rib. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • Chilli Beef. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • Sausage Casserole. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • Brazilian BBQ Steak. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • Chinese Chow Mein. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • Sweet & Sour. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • Original Curry. (Picture: Pot Noodle)
  • What were the original Pot Noodle Flavours?

    Chicken and mushroom flavour “King” (large) Pot Noodle before water and soy sauce sachet added….Pot Noodle.

    Chicken and mushroom flavour Pot Noodle made up according to instructions
    Product type Instant noodle snack food
    Introduced 1977
    Previous owners Golden Wonder

    How many flavors of pot noodles are there?

    The Noodle of all other noodles envy. The original. The legend. Our tasty, time-saving noodles are available in 11 cleverly-convenient, deviously-delicious flavours.

    What is the spiciest Pot Noodle?

    Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle
    Carl Redman, 42, concocted the super spicy snack by adding chilli powder and flakes from five ultra hot chillies to a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle for a charity challenge. His creation measured an eye-watering 10 MILLION Scoville units on the chilli heat scale.

    What flavour is black Pot Noodle?

    Try the Nation’s favourite instant noodle brand* in an incredibly hot curry flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of hot fire chilli sauce. An authentic feast you can eat on your feet.

    What is the Red Pot Noodle?

    Description. Instant rice noodles in a Thai Red Curry sauce with coconut milk, red pepper and Kaffir lime leaves. Tasty and under 250 calories and low in fat. Authentic pot snacks made with rice noodles swimming in oodles of flavour. Top of the pots, made by Pot Noodle the UK’s favourite noodles brand*.

    Is the Bombay Bad Boy spicy?

    Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy is a hot and spicy variation of this much loved hot noodle snack.