What does the quote and thereby hangs a tale mean?

What does the quote and thereby hangs a tale mean?

Definition of thereby hangs a tale —used to suggest that there is a story about something that has just been mentioned I realized where I had seen him before—and thereby hangs a tale.

Who said Thereby hangs a tale?

People in Shakespeare’s day said “thereby lies a tale” so Grumio is playing off of that old saying. By changing it to “hangs,” he puns tale and tail. He’s saying both a story and a backside.

What is mean by thereby?

Definition of thereby 1 : by that : by that means thereby lost her chance to win. 2 : connected with or with reference to that thereby hangs a tale— William Shakespeare.

What does telling tales mean?

to tell lies or reveal secrets about someone, so that they get into trouble. She had no right to tell tales to his mother!

What is the meaning of closing in?

1 : to encircle closely and isolate. 2 : to enshroud to such an extent as to preclude entrance or exit the airport was closed in by the storm.

What is full steam ahead Meaning?

Definition of full steam/speed ahead —used to say that something is being done with as much speed and power as possible The work started slowly, but now it’s full steam ahead. The campaign is going full speed ahead.

What is the meaning within arm’s reach?

phrase. (also in arm’s reach) Near enough to reach by extending one’s arm. ‘he came closer, almost within arm’s reach’ ‘the bookshelf is within arm’s reach of my computer’

Is it thereby or there by?

by that; by means of that. in that connection or relation: Thereby hangs a tale.

How can I use thereby?

Use thereby to connect two events: because of A, B happened: “Matt walked around with the frying pan on his head, thereby causing him to walk into a wall.” Thereby is used in the infamous saying, written by Shakespeare: “And thereby hangs a tale” — a humorous way to let your listeners know they are about to hear an …

What is a railroad telltale?

A tell-tale, also known as a bridge warning, is a series of ropes suspended over railway tracks to give warning to the engineer, and more importantly the brakeman who may be scampering across the tops of the cars, that the train is approaching a low-clearance obstacle, such as a tunnel or a bridge.

How do you use closing in?

Definition of close-in

  1. 1 : to gather in close all around with an oppressing or isolating effect despair closed in on her.
  2. 2 : to approach to close quarters especially for an attack, raid, or arrest the police closed in.
  3. 3 : to grow dark the short November day was already closing in— Ellen Glasgow.