What does PDK International stand for?

What does PDK International stand for?

Phi Delta Kappa International
Page 1. Phi Delta Kappa International is a professional nonprofit organization for educators. Established in 1906, PDK International supports teachers and school leaders by strengthening their interest in the profession through the entire arc of their career.

What is PDK in education?

PDK International (also known as PDK or Phi Delta Kappa International) is a US professional organization for educators. Its main office is in Arlington, Virginia. It was founded on January 24, 1906.

What is Phi Delta Kappan?

Phi Delta Kappan , a professional magazine for educators, features articles on education practice, research, policy, issues, and trends. Columns include national education issues, research and development, innovation, thoughts on teaching, legal issues, a variety of international writers, and editorial opinion.

Is Phi Delta Kappan peer reviewed?

Kappan is not a peer-reviewed publication.

How do I join PDK?

JOIN online at www.pdkintl.org. JOIN by phone at 800.766. 1156. E-mail [email protected].

What is kappan online?

The KAPPAN is a professional journal published quarterly for Alpha Delta Kappa members, prospective members and subscribers.

How do I become a member of Phi Delta Kappa?

Candidates for membership must be actively engaged in the field of education. Educators with exceptional teaching skills, organizational skills and leadership experience. Educators who are willing to invest time and talent in the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated as an extracurricular priority.

Is Phi Delta Kappan a journal?

Phi Delta Kappan, the journal of PDK International, is the nation’s premier forum for serious discussions of research, policy, and practice in K-12 education.

Is kappan peer reviewed?