What does Lotion P50 do for your skin?

What does Lotion P50 do for your skin?

It’s not a lotion at all in the conventional sense, but a clear, watery chemical exfoliator that you can apply with a cotton pad, like a toner, or directly onto your face. It exfoliates, can get rid of dark spots, can help get rid of acne, regulates sebum, and imparts a general glowiness.

What serums can you use with P50?

For example, if you suffer from hyperpigmentation signs, you may choose to follow your P50 application with a dose of Serum PIGM 400. If you struggle with chronic rosacea, Serum Erythros can help visibly reduce redness and soothe inflammation.

Which P50 lotion is best?

Biologique Recherche Lotion
P50V: Enriched with vitamins, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V is beneficial for improving the natural PH balance of the skin. P50V contains a yeast extract which is rich in B vitamins and has brightening, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. It’s the best P50 for dry skin.

Is Lotion P50 bad for skin?

P50 1970: the original formulation is the strongest and shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin. It also contains phenol, an acid ingredient that’s been banned from use in cosmetics in many countries due to its potential as a lung and skin irritant. This version is also the only one deemed unsafe for use in pregnancy.

Can you use Lotion P50 everyday?

You can use the Lotions P50 daily, morning and night after you cleanse. There is no need for rubbing your skin with the Lotions P50. Simply pat the formula on your skin.

Can you use P50 with vitamin C?

Vitamin C, which brightens your skin and fades dark spots, should go on after you tone and before you exfoliate. If you’re using a toner-exfoliant combination such as P50, then you put your vitamin C on after.

Can you use vitamin C with P50?

Can I use retinol with lotion P50?

All the Lotions P50 contain AHA’s and are therefore not recommended to use with retinol-based products.

Can I use P50 every day?

How do I choose a P50?

She recommends different versions of P50 for different skin types, and was happy to break them down for us:

  1. For masochists: Lotion P50/P50 1970. P50 1970 is the toughest, roughest, OG version.
  2. For dry skin: Lotion P50V/P50V 1970.
  3. For super sensitive skin: Lotion P50W/P50W 1970.
  4. For hyperpigmentation: Lotion P50 PIGM 400.

Can you use lotion P50 everyday?

Can I use Vitamin C after P50?