What does FJR stand for Yamaha?

What does FJR stand for Yamaha?

I was just wondering if any of you folks came up with a clever saying as to what FJR stands for. “Freaking Jet Rocket “… let’s hear what you have fellows.

Is Yamaha discontinuing FJR1300?

Yamaha’s FJR1300A is one of the last of its type, and in 2021 it will be dropped from European markets including the UK. 2021 actually marks the 20th anniversary of the FJR1300’s launch, and while it’s had updates over the years the basics haven’t changed since then.

Will there be a 2022 Yamaha FJR?

For 2022, the FJR1300ES celebrates a milestone by sporting a 20th Anniversary special edition. Birthed in 2002, the FJR has been an iconic motorcycle that has developed a passionate community of riders through continuing to offer the pinnacle of comfort, performance, and value that can only be expected from an FJR.

Is the FJR a good bike?

The Yamaha FJR1300 may not have the gadgets or glamour of its competitors, but is a durable no-nonsense bike which is hassle free. Despite its massive size and weight, the bike handles beautifully. Its adjustable monoshock and 48 mm forks offer its owner the facility to adjust for off-road driving.

When did Fjr get cruise control?

Cruise control was an item at or near the top of every FJR owners wanted list surveyed by Yamaha, so a new system designed to be easy to use and unobtrusive is now standard on the 2013 model.

Why are there no new motorcycles?

Or more specifically, a global shortage of semi-conductors. Thousands of these semi-conductors (also known as microchips) are needed to assemble one Harley-Davidson. The shortage of these microchips are a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its forced shutdowns of factories and suppliers.

Is Harley getting rid of the Sportster?

Sportster models have been around since the ’50s and include the more recent Iron 883, Iron 1200, Forty-Eight and Roadster. In 2020 Harley-Davidson announced that the Sportster family would no longer be available in European markets before unveiling this latest edition for the 2021 model year.

How much is a Yamaha fjr1300?

MSRP on the 2022 FJE1300 ES is $18,199 in Cobalt Blue. Yamaha covers your new sport-tourer with a one-year limited factory warranty….Yamaha FJR1300 Pricing.

Model: FJR1300A FJR1300ES
└ 2018, 2019: $16,399 $17,999
└ 2020, 2021: N/A $17,999
└ 2022: N/A $18,199

The FJR leans to more sport and performance than tour its a super comfortable bike with excellent power and smoothness. Its sure footed handling make it one the most fun bikes you could want to ever ride.

Where are the FJR owners meetings in the US?

Hosted by bigjohnsd in 2021 Glenwood Springs, CO; HRZ in 2016 in Montrose, CO; CFR 2012; EOM 2010; & WFO 2008 in Golden, CO Southern FJR Owners Meeting (Do not use for regional ride planning!)

What are some good topics to post on the FJR Forum?

Food and cooking. MotoGP, AMA, WSB, it’s all good! Be sure and put “NWS” for Not Work Safe Material in the title to keep those work stiffs from being fired. Oil, tires, octane, and other items that repeatedly get discussed and rarely resolved. An area for those FJR riders from the forum that have ridden on before us.

How much does a YAMAHA FJR 1300A cost?

2007 YAMAHA FJR1300A, 2007 YAMAHA FJR1300AThe Yamaha FJR 1300A is a sport-touring style motorcycle with an MSRP of $13,799 and was carryover for 2007…. 2010 YAMAHA FJR1300A, Hurry in for great savings at Pro Caliber Vancouver!Call the Pro Caliber Vancouver sales team @ 1-888-523-2012 for more informat…