What does a wheeled vehicle mechanic do in the army?

What does a wheeled vehicle mechanic do in the army?

As a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, you’ll supervise and perform maintenance, repair, and recovery operations on wheeled vehicles and select armored vehicles that serve the Army in a variety of mission-critical roles.

Do Army wheeled vehicle mechanic see combat?

Do Army mechanics see combat? Army Wheeled Vehicle Repairers often deploy with Infantry to combat zones to take care of Army vehicles in the field. However, they spend most of their time at the Forward Operating Base (FOB).

What is 91B MOS in the Army?

MOS 91B oversees the vehicles’ electrical systems, which includes wiring harness, starting and charging systems. They’re also tasked with performing wheeled vehicle recovery operations, such as when a vehicle becomes disabled during on en route to a mission or other assignment.

How much does a wheeled vehicle mechanic make in the Army?

How much does a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic make at U.S. Army in the United States? Average U.S. Army Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic yearly pay in the United States is approximately $39,196, which is 6% below the national average.

What kind of skills does a mechanic need?

“In our world, the key really is to have the Ford FACT program training, because it links students to the manufacturer,” Mark says.

  • Auto Mechanic Requirements.
  • Adaptability.
  • Diagnostic & Mechanical Skills.
  • People Skills.
  • Professionalism.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Ability to Use Technology.
  • Work Ethic.

What is a 91 Bravo in Army?

OVERVIEW. The wheeled vehicle mechanic is primarily responsible for supervising and performing maintenance and recovery operations on wheeled vehicles and associated items, as well as heavy-wheeled vehicles and select armored vehicles.

Where do 11B go to basic?

Fort Benning
Twenty-two weeks of One Station Unit Training, which includes Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field at Fort Benning, GA.