What are OCP sizes?

What are OCP sizes?

OCP Combat Uniform Trousers

  • Small Short (27-31 in. x 23-26 in.)
  • Small Reg (27-31 in. x 29-32 in.)
  • Small Long (27-31 in. x 32-35 in.)
  • Med Short (31-35 in. x 26-29 in.)
  • Med Reg (31-35 in. x 29-32 in.)
  • Med Long (31-35 in. x 32-35 in.)
  • Large Short (35-39 in. x 26-29 in.)
  • Large Reg (35-39 in. x 29-32 in.)

What is ACU and OCP?

Soldiers of the U.S. Army will no longer wear the Universal Camouflage Pattern, otherwise known as the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) pattern or Digital Camouflage as of October 1, 2019. The OCP has been generally regarded as a major improvement over the ACU, according to Soldiers.

Are OCP patches mandatory?

The spice-brown flag patch will be mandatory, while infrared flag patches won’t be allowed. Colored patches won’t be authorized, except for combat patches. Squadron patches will be worn on the right sleeve and the higher headquarters patch will be worn on the left sleeve, the instruction said.

How is OCP uniform measured?

How to measure for uniform sizes

  1. Neck Size: Hold tape snugly around neck and measure.
  2. Sleeve Length: Measure from the bottom center back of neck (top of spine), down the arm across the elbow to the wrist bone.
  3. Chest Size: Men measure around the fullest part of the chest, under arms.

Why did the Army use UCP?

The Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) is a digital military camouflage pattern formerly used by the United States Army in their Army Combat Uniform. The pattern was chosen after laboratory and field tests from 2003 to 2004 showed it to provide the best concealment in many different operational environments.

Why is UCP so bad?

The army decided to save money by having only one uniform color pattern, replacing the traditional woodland and desert camouflage patterns. So they created a pattern that was terrible in both environments that they had to replace.

What is OCP military?

OCP represents the Operational Camouflage Pattern. It is the camo pattern. Operational Camouflage Pattern was codenamed originally as Scorpion W2. This is a pattern used by the military by the United States Army.

Why did Air Force switch to OCPs?

Chief Master Sgt. Jason Shaffer, 88th Air Base Wing command chief, said the Air Force switched to OCPs for a few reasons. “First, it was to eliminate the need for an in-garrison and deployed uniform,” he said. “The second thing was feedback from Airmen for a better battlefield-tested uniform.

What patches do you need for OCPs?

The new OCP uniforms require an inverted American flag patch as well as the OCP unit patch. It will go on the right sleeve above the OCP unit patch, and the spice brown variant of the flag patch will be required starting June 1st, 2020.