What are macroscopic features of gingiva?

What are macroscopic features of gingiva?

Size: The size of gingiva corresponds with sum total of the bulk of cellular & intercellular elements. Contours: The marginal gingiva envelopes the teeth in a collar like fashion & follow a scalloped outline on facial & lingual surfaces. 51.  Contours depends on – Shape of the tooth.

What makes up the gingival sulcus?

The gingival sulcus is an area of potential space between a tooth and the surrounding gingival tissue and is lined by sulcular epithelium. The depth of the sulcus (Latin for groove) is bounded by two entities: apically by the gingival fibers of the connective tissue attachment and coronally by the free gingival margin.

What is histologic depth of gingival sulcus?

The average sulcus depth is 0.69mm (range 0.61mm – 1.71mm). The average length of the junctional epithelium is 0.97mm (range 0.71mm – 1.35mm) and the average length of the connective tissue attachment is 1.07mm (range 1.03mm – 1.07mm).

Where is attached gingiva?

The gingival sulcus, or crevice, is therefore created between tooth and mucosa; its depth varies from 0.1 to 0.3 cm. The attached gingiva extends from the free gingival groove to the beginning of the alveolar crest and is continuous with the alveolar mucosa.

What is interdental papilla?

The interdental papilla is the gum tissue found in the space between the teeth. It helps protect the roots of your teeth and keeps food from getting stuck between your teeth, leading to decay.

What is the function of gingival sulcus?

The gingival sulcus is the relative space between each tooth and the gum tissue that surrounds it. It’s a small, V-shape groove around the base of a tooth. At the bottom of the sulcus is the cementoenamel junction. This area helps the gums stay attached to the surface of your teeth.

Where is the gingival sulcus?

The gingival sulcus is the natural space located between the surface of the tooth and the surrounding gum or gingival tissue.

What is the depth of gingival sulcus?

Healthy gums generally have a sulcus depth that may range anywhere from 1 to 3mm. Sulcus depths greater than 3mm occur in patients that have varying degrees of periodontal disease.

What is the structure of the gingiva?

The gingiva is composed of fibrous tissue covered by mucous membrane that is firmly attached to the periosteum of the alveolar processes of the mandible and maxilla. The lower gingiva includes the mucosa covering the mandible from the gingival-buccal gutter to the origins of the mobile mucosa on the floor of the mouth.