What age is Nina Hossain?

What age is Nina Hossain?

46 years (May 1, 1975)Nina Hossain / Age

Who is Ria Chatterjee?

Ria Chatterjee at age 38 is a reporter and broadcast journalist at ITV News London. Get to know more about her. Ria Chatterjee is a famous journalist well-known for her work at ITV News London and ITV News. She formerly worked as a journalist for the BBC and Sky News.

Who presents Midlands today?

Midlands Today
Presented by Mary Rhodes Monday-Wednesday Nick Owen Thursday-Friday (Full list)
Theme music composer David Lowe
Country of origin England, United Kingdom
Original language English

Is newsreader Nina Hossain pregnant?

Nina, who grew up in Taylor Hill, has revealed to the Examiner that she is pregnant again and her baby is due in November. She and partner Stuart Thomas already have two young children, four-year-old Will and two-year-old Clara.

Who is Nina Hossain married to?

Craig O’HaraNina Hossain / Spouse (m. 1996–2004)

Who is Rags Martel married to?

He is a news reporter and correspondent for ITV News. Furthermore, he previously worked at Channel 4 News. Rags is also a YouTuber who has over 1000 subscribers in it….Who Is Rags Martel’s Partner? Details To Know About The Journalist.

Name Rags Martel
Profession News Reporter
Married/Single Relationship
Wife Ria Chatterjee (partner)
Instagram @ragsmartel

Is Ria Chatterjee married?

In November 2020, Ria was named Regional Journalist of the Year at the eighth annual Asian Media Awards. Meanwhile, Ria is married to fellow journalist, Rags Martel. Her husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014. He has a daughter, Roxie, from a previous relationship.

Is Bob Warman still married?

Happily married to wife Diane for the last 27 years, they live in a large, Georgian house in a Worcestershire village, where Bob has become an enthusiastic gardener.