Is Tyrande dead?

Is Tyrande dead?

However, following the burning of Teldrassil, Tyrande became the Night Warrior in response to the Horde’s invasion of night elven territory and to claim justice against Sylvanas Windrunner and the Horde….

Tyrande Whisperwind
Former occupation(s) Ruler of Darnassus
Location Various
Status Alive

How old is Tyrande?

about 3,800 years old
As the Third War occurred about 10,000 years after the War of the Ancients, and thus before the night elves became immortal, Malfurion and Illidan were about 5,000 years old and Tyrande about 3,800 years old during the War of the Ancients.

Where is Tyrande Whisperwind?

the Temple of the Moon
Tyrande Whisperwind faction leader located in the Temple of the Moon, in the elven city of Darnassus. This NPC can be found in Darnassus .

How old is Windrunner?

Sylvanas Windrunner
Series Warcraft
Age 2,800+
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female

Who is alleria windrunner married to?

Alleria Windrunner
Status Alive
Relative(s) Turalyon (lover), Arator (son), Lireesa Windrunner (mother), Sylvanas, Vereesa, Lirath (siblings), Rhonin (brother-in-law), Zendarin (cousin), Giramar, Galadin (nephews)
Mentor(s) Locus-Walker
Student(s) Magister Umbric, Void elves of Telogrus Rift