Is Sonic Youth the best band?

Is Sonic Youth the best band?

Sonic Youth is one of the Greatest bands ever existed. From no wave, free jazz, noise, free improvisation to post punk and stuff. They covered everything that underground scene can offer, and in most radical ways.

What bands did Sonic Youth inspire?

10 acts influenced by Sonic Youth

  • Beck.
  • Sigur Rós.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • The Cribs.
  • My Bloody Valentine.
  • Dinosaur Jr.
  • Blood Red Shoes.
  • Cat Power.

What kind of music is Sonic Youth?

alternative rock
Sonic Youth is considered a pioneering band in the noise rock and alternative rock genres. Their music has also been labelled experimental rock, indie rock, and post-punk.

Who did Sonic Youth influence?

Nirvana were every bit as influenced by Sonic Youth as they were the Pixies — particularly by those punk tenets that Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon & company subscribed to. It’s impossible to look at a single band post-1977 that, at least to some degree, doesn’t owe SY.

Did Sonic Youth do drugs?

Sonic Youth was never a drug-heavy band which made them stick out like a sore thumb compared to their contemparies. Ranaldo, it’s safe to say, got his drug consumption largely out of his system before the band even begun and that made up for the majority of Sonic Youth’s relationship with drugs.

Is Sonic Youth No Wave?

Sonic Youth are where No Wave ends and American alt-rock begins. As an omnivorous scholar of all transgressive art-forms, when Thurston Moore moved to Manhattan in 1977 it wasn’t long before he found No Wave.

Will Sonic Youth ever reunite?

The future of Sonic Youth Sonic Youth broke up in 2011, and they’re not reuniting any time soon. “No, I don’t foresee that happening,” Moore told Double J this year.

Is no wave punk?

History. In 1978, a punk subculture-influenced noise series was held at New York’s Artists Space. The no wave-affiliated label ZE Records was founded in 1978, and would also produce acclaimed and influential compilations in subsequent years.

What genre is swans filth?

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