Is Kyrie Irving a hippie?

Is Kyrie Irving a hippie?

Where other basketball players dive head-first into the ‘baller’ lifestyle, Irving is a bit of a hippie. A sax-playing, plant-based diet following, spiritual sort of guy, he’s also a passionate activist, drawing upon his unique heritage as a half-indigenous, half-African-American.

Is Kyrie on the bench?

Kyrie Irving returned to practice at HSS Training Center, worked out vs. Irving said that he “respected” the Nets decision to bench him for all games and bar him from practice, rather than play him only on the road.

Is Kyrie Irving retiring?

Nets’ Kyrie Irving says he’s not retiring, explains why he’s choosing not to receive COVID-19 vaccine. Most notably, Irving confirmed that he is unvaccinated, said that he will not be retiring and claimed that he was promised an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Does Kyrie Irving have Instagram?

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets sent out three posts to his Instagram account on Tuesday night. Kyrie Irving sent out three posts to Instagram on Tuesday, and all three posts can be seen embedded below from his account.

How many times has Kyrie been to the finals?

Kyrie Irving has 3 appearances in the NBA Finals in his career.