Is Jack Deveraux coming back to days?

Is Jack Deveraux coming back to days?

Days of Our LivesComings & Goings And that means that once again, portrayer Matthew Ashford will be exiting the canvas. Though Jack had been mistakenly believed dead for a few years, Ashford brought the character back for a triumphant return on New Year’s Eve of 2018.

How did Jack Deveraux come back to life?

While escaping the island, Jack was again presumed dead in a storm but he was really being held prisoner in Europe. He managed to escape and Jack bonded with his baby boy. Then, Jack discovered he was dying of a rare blood disease so he set Jennifer up to reunite with former flame Frankie Brady.

Did Jack Deveraux sleep with Laura?

For Jennifer’s sake, Jack and Laura decided to keep their brief affair a secret. But Laura had fallen in love with Jack and she secretly hoped that, once Jen married Peter, she would end up with him. Jack had other plans and tried to break up Jen and Peter.

Is Jennifer coming back on days?

Days of our Lives C&G News Here’s the latest casting news from the NBC soap. After a lengthy absence – she last aired in October of 2020 – Melissa Reeves finally returns home to Salem as Jennifer Horton Deveraux.

Who is Matthew Ashford married to in real life?

Lana BussMatthew Ashford / Spouse (m. 2016)
Ashford is married to actress/teacher Lana Buss and has four children – Grace, a reporter for the New York Times, and Emma, an actor/singer in NYC.

Why did Jennifer leave days?

Reeves has been playing the role of Jennifer since 1985, but she left the show in 2020 due to the COVID crisis. DAYS temporarily recast the role with All My Children alum Cady McClain, but Reeves returned to the canvas this Christmas to give Jennifer fans a very happy holiday.

How many times Jack Deveraux died?

One of the character’s well known plots have been his fake deaths which occurred between 2003 and 2012, where he was presumed dead 4 times, which Ashford found “hard to play” as he found it unrealistic….

Jack Deveraux
Other names William Earl Johnson Clark Jack Harcourt Deveraux

Are Jack and Jennifer back together?

Jack recovered however, and Jack and Jennifer were reunited for what is currently the final time. Jennifer gently let Frankie know that she cared deeply about him, but Jack had always been the love of her life, and she was going to build her life with him.

Why did Missy Reeves leave days?

Is hope coming back to Days of Our Lives 2021?

“I’m not coming back,” she said. I’ve had a great run and so many wonderful moments on the show and worked with so many wonderful people, met so many wonderful people. It’s time for me to start a new chapter professionally.” But because her decision was so last-minute, Hope Brady hadn’t been given a proper send-off.

Is Matthew Ashford still on Days of Our Lives?

According to official show teasers, the fictional pair will be leaving Salem on Thursday, January 6, and the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest confirms that Jack’s trip to Boston won’t be a short one; he will be staying with his wife indefinitely, which brings Ashford’s latest run on the NBC soap to a close.

How old is Matthew Ashford from Days of Our Lives?

62 years (January 29, 1960)Matthew Ashford / Age