Is hand propping illegal?

Is hand propping illegal?

There is no specific FAA regulation that applies to hand propping an airplane, either to prohibit it or to direct how it is to be done. For many of us who operate airplanes without starters, it is commonplace and, of course, necessary in order to go flying. …

What is the procedure for hand propping?

  1. The propeller is swung by forcing the blade downward rapidly, pushing with the palms of both hands.
  2. If the blade is gripped tightly with the fingers, the person’s body may be drawn into the propeller blades should the engine misfire and rotate momentarily in the opposite direction.

What Preflight action must a pilot perform prior to any flight?

You preflight the airplane, determine that it’s safe to fly, and check the required paperwork. This consists of the airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, radio station license (required only if the airplane will be operated internationally), operating limitations, and weight-and-balance information.

Who is in charge of hand starting procedure?

Hand propping should only be attempted when two properly trained people, both familiar and experienced with the airplane and hand propping techniques, are available to perform the procedure. The first person is responsible for directing the procedure including pulling the propeller blades through.

Can you hand prop a Cessna 172?

Sure you can hand-prop it to life, but under FAR 91.7, you, the PIC, are required to determine if that aircraft is in an airworthy condition. Paragraph (b) says the PIC shall discontinue the flight when unairworthy electrical conditions occur. That 172 was designed to start by turning a key.

Where is Mode C required?

Required for all aircraft in Class A, B and C airspace. Required for all aircraft in all airspace within 30 nm of an airport listed in appendix D, section 1 of Part 91 (Class B and military) from the surface upward to 10,000 feet msl.