Is Alpha Omega a good winery?

Is Alpha Omega a good winery?

Alpha Omega, founded by Robin and Michelle Baggett, began its journey in 2006 to be recognized as one of the great wine estates in the world. Using natural techniques, the winemakers handcraft finesse-driven, complex and balanced wines that are also elegant and approachable.

How much is a tasting at Alpha Omega Winery?

Tasting experiences range from $50 – $150 per person. Click here to review tasting menu. All tasting experiences may be booked with our Reservations Team at the email address or telephone number below.

Who is the owner of Alpha Omega Winery?

Robin Baggett
“You can sort of divide my life into thirds — first baseball, then law and now wine,” said Alpha Omega Winery owner Robin Baggett.

Is Alpha Omega wine vegan?

The Reserve Salon offered several vegan-friendly wines provided by some of the best wineries in Napa Valley including Alpha Omega, Tournesol and Bouchaine Vineyards.

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How many cases does Alpha Omega produce?

Alpha Omega Dr Crane Vineyard St. Helena – Very little of this beauty is made, with an average production of about 275 cases per year. Alpha Omega Beckstoffer Georges III Rutherford – Very little wine is produced here, as less than 150 cases are released in most vintages.

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