How old is Wamego?

How old is Wamego?

Wamego, Kansas
Platted 1866
Incorporated 1869
• Total 2.41 sq mi (6.25 km2)

What is Wamego Kansas known for?

Wamego Kansas is a small town of 4600 situated by the Kansas River. Beautiful scenery and rich agricultural land welcome visitors to a vibrant downtown. There you will find novelty venues like the OZ Museum, where you will be transported by the yellow brick road to view over 100 years of Oz history.

What does Wamego Kansas have to do with the Wizard of Oz?

Wamego, Kansas Since the name of Dorothy’s hometown was never mentioned in the movie, Wamego locals thought “Why not Wamego?” When Wamego native Todd Machin donated his entire Oz collection to the town, the OZ Museum was born.

Why is OZ Museum in Wamego?

At the end of the world’s most popular movie, Dorothy chose grim, tornado-blasted Kansas over magical, Technicolor Oz. “There needed to be an Oz museum somewhere in the state of Kansas.” Opened in 2003, the museum was built to house the Oz artifacts of Wamego collector Todd Machin.

How big is Wamego?

2.41 mi²Wamego / Area

How do you pronounce Wamego Kansas?

Wamego is pronounced Wa-MEE-go, not Wa-MAY-go or WA-meh-go.

Was any of the Wizard of Oz filmed in Kansas?

No, Toto, we really are not in Kansas anymore. There’s no location filming outside Los Angeles for one of the most-loved musical fantasies of all time, which was filmed entirely on stages at MGM’s Culver City studio, 10202 Washington Boulevard, Culver City.

Where did Dorothy’s House land?

Liberal, Kansas
Dorothy’s House and Land of Oz, Liberal, Kansas.

How many Wizard of Oz museums are there?

There is currently one other Wizard of Oz museum in the world and it’s located in Wamego, Kansas. Trust has donated some of his collectibles to the original museum, but it was always his dream to open his own.

Is Wamego Kansas a good place to live?

It’s a quiet town with very friendly people. Very family friendly and no crime that I’m aware of. The town is big enough to have a modern hospital. Wamego provides its residents with an astounding experience only experienced through a small town community.