How much does it cost to skate at Gage Park?

How much does it cost to skate at Gage Park?

Brampton’s skating trail at Gage Park attracts families and skating enthusiasts from Brampton and beyond. Come and skate through the trees of this majestic park, it’s a wonderful and unique experience, and it’s free!

How long is Gage Park skating Trail?

3km long
The 3km long ice trail leads you through magnificent orchards, meandering meadows, and majestic forests. On Fridays, torches light the way, making this a great outing idea for couples. If you’re visiting with friends, why not bring your own hockey stick and puck to test your skills all along the trail.

Do you have to pre book ice skating?

We would advise all customers to prebook to avoid disappointment. For those that are not in a position to book online then there will be a provision still to take cash over the counter on the day – however we cannot guarantee access as online customers will take priority.

Do I have to wear a mask while ice skating?

All participants are required to wear a face covering indoors, including while participating in the sport, regardless of vaccination status.

How do you use a skate mask?

You can take your mask off after you have entered your dressing room. Masks are not required to be worn while you are on the ice. After the open skate is complete, you must put your mask on in the dressing room before you leave and wear it until you have left the building.

When will the city of Brampton outdoor skating rinks reopen?

Select City of Brampton outdoor skating rinks will be reopening on December 4 at 10 am, weather permitting. Please view the location listing at the bottom of this page for complete reopening information. Non-medical masks and face coverings are recommended when a two-meter distance cannot be maintained.

Are skate AIDS and skateez allowed at Brampton ice rinks?

In addition to skate aids, skate trainers (i.e., “Skateez”) are permitted at all outdoor skating rinks. Skate bobs (double-bladed skates) are not permitted at City of Brampton ice rinks due to safety concerns.

Do you have to wear a mask on the ice Brampton?

The City of Brampton has implemented enhanced safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the public and City staff. As of Wednesday, January 27, 2021, non-medical masks or face coverings are mandatory on the ice at all outdoor skating rinks for all participants over the age of ten (10).

What can you do for Christmas in Brampton this year?

! Donate non-perishable food items and new, unwrapped toys! ! Enjoy outdoor skating, city-wide! ! Experience Holiday fun from home with FREE activity kits provided by the City of Brampton.