How much does a concrete storm cellar weigh?

How much does a concrete storm cellar weigh?

Set your shelter directly on the ground or gravel, so you don’t have to pour an expensive concrete pad. Over 6′ 4″ of headroom for your comfort. 8′ x 10′ shelter weighs 24,000 lbs (12 ton); 6′ x 6′ shelter weighs 11,000 lbs (5.5 ton). Room for seating or bedding, pet cages, and emergency supplies.

Are concrete storm shelters safe?

Concrete is a cheaper option for your storm shelter… until you want to make it secure against actual storms. The brittle nature of concrete means it can easily crack and crumble. Without proper reinforcement, it won’t protect against flying debris, either.

Do concrete storm shelters leak?

Concrete has many strengths and is a great material to have at our disposal, but make no mistake; there are better materials to use for underground purposes. Starting with steel fabrication will ensure that your shelter is never affected by leaks, moisture, cracking or mold.

Is a basement or storm shelter better?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the safest place during a tornado is completely underground, as in a basement or a storm cellar.

Is a storm shelter worth it?

A storm shelter gives you the protection you need in case of severe storms and tornadoes. With 1,200 tornadoes touching down on average in the USA each year, it’s worthwhile being prepared, especially if you live in a location where tornadoes are common, such as here in Owasso, Oklahoma.

What are Sisi precast concrete storm shelters?

SI Precast Concrete storm shelters meet the rigid standards of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and also passed the stringent testing of the Wind Institute at Texas Tech University in September 2004. Need storm shelter installation instructions? Click here. Storm shelters are available in most locations.

Are your precast concrete storm shelters certified to meet the standard?

Thank you for your interest in our Precast Concrete Storm Shelters all of which are certified to meet the National Storm Shelter Association Standard. Let us tell you a little bit about our company.

Why choose Si precast concrete?

SI Precast continues its commitment to manufacture the highest quality precast concrete products and provide concrete solutions with our concrete underground storm shelters. SI Precast storm shelters are manufactured with 5,000# psi concrete and reinforced with 1/2” rebar on 12” centers combined with 10 gauge steel wire mesh.

Where are Si precast products manufactured?

SI Precast manufactures in these states. SI Precast Concrete is a proud member and has certified plants in Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.