How much do you tip Disney cruise concierge?

How much do you tip Disney cruise concierge?

The total amount you will tip is determined by the number of nights of your cruise and the number of people in your sailing party. The recommended amounts per night are $1 for Head Server, $4.50 for Server, $3.50 for Assistant Server, and $4.50 for Stateroom Host/Hostess per person in your party.

Which deck is best on a Disney cruise ship?

I highly recommend doing this at least once during your cruise! Personally, when we sail I like to be on either Deck 9 or Deck 10. We enjoy the quick access to the outdoor spaces and elevated views in each port of call.

Does Disney cruise give you a lanyard?

Guests who have sailed with Disney before will receive a complimentary Castaway Club lanyard upon checking in at the port. The lanyards are based on club level, so you’ll see many guests walking around the ship wearing Silver, Gold, or Platinum Castaway Club lanyards.

What time can you board Disney Magic?

Your cruise documents may say that the ship leaves at 4 pm, but check-in typically begins at 11 am and embarkation begins around noon. Choosing an early arrival time means you can start your vacation several hours before the ship sets sail, thus getting more fun for your money.

What do you tip a Disney concierge?

Many people ask the question of how much you should tip Disney Cruise Concierge Staff. You will be very well taken care of by your concierge team. There is no set amount to tip. You really should just use your common sense and discretion.

How do gratuities work on a Disney cruise?

An 18% gratuity will automatically be applied; additionally gratuity at your discretion. Included in dining charge; additional gratuity at your discretion. Pay the suggested gratuity in advance by contacting Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent no later than 3 days before your cruise begins.

Which side of Disney cruise ship is best?

So what is the best side of a Disney Cruise ship? If you are sailing out of Port Canaveral with stops in Castaway Cay, I recommend you book on the Starboard side. This side faces the beach of Port Canaveral where you can wave to the beach goers as you sail away.

Is it better to be midship or forward?

As with most ships, the higher decks only have balcony cabins midship. Some will have ocean view rooms on the ends of the ships. Likewise, you can’t get a balcony room too low on the ship. Midship rooms, lower on the ship, are theoretically the best for minimizing motion.

What do Castaway Club members get?

Be welcomed back with a special gift unique to your membership level. (One gift per stateroom based on highest Castaway Club tier in stateroom.) Onboard Reception (Temporarily Paused) Enjoy a private reception on 8-night and longer voyages, where Gold and Platinum Castaway Club members experience special entertainment.

Do MagicBands work on Disney Cruise?

Currently, Disney Cruise Line does not use MagicBands like you would find at Walt Disney World Resort. Instead, Guests receive a Key to the World Card which will act as the onboard charge card, stateroom key and identification around the ship.

Should I go to Disney World or Universal Orlando?

I frequently visit Disney World and Universal Orlando, but the pandemic has changed the parks. I decided to rate them on different categories, such as dining, entertainment, and accommodations. After visiting both, I think Disney is best for adults and Universal is best for families right now.

What are the best tips for visiting Universal Orlando?

This is one of the best tips for visiting Universal Orlando I have because staying on property makes all the difference in the world and is worth EVERY penny. Let me explain. At first glance, you might notice that you can find cheaper hotels near the Universal Resort in Orlando.

What are the best Disney Cruise tips for beginners?

The first of our Disney Cruise Tips is key to a few other tips that I will mention later. The main idea here is to be one of the first passengers to board the ship. That means FIRST access to water slides, Guest Services, heck, even lunch. In short, you get more time on the cruise ship than everyone else.

How many Universal Studios tips for your first visit?

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