How many PG kits are there?

How many PG kits are there?

All Perfect Grade There are 34 products.

How much does a perfect grade Gundam cost?

Perfect Grades are the most expensive kits, with prices above $120, but don’t let that price stop you; you’re getting your money’s worth in this investment. Not only do you get a fantastic model kit, but the box they’re packaged in are also beautifully designed (ex W-Gundam Zero Custom).

What is PG Gunpla?

Perfect Grade (PG) (パーフェクトグレード, Pāfekuto Gurēdo?) is a series of 1/60 scale Gunpla kits created by Bandai. The PGs are some of the most expensive Gunpla produced and have often been used to develop Master Grade and Real Grade technology.

What is HGCE Gundam?

High Grade Logo. High Grade (HG) is a line of Gunpla kits by Bandai. These kits feature better range of motion and greater poseability than most No-Grade kits.

Do Perfect Grade Gundam need paint?

Gunpla kits look sick, they’re impressively intricate, and building them is just fun. They don’t require any glue to stay together, and the majority of Gunpla builders never paint their kits because they look great out of the box.

How much does A Perfect Grade Gundam cost?

Perfect Grade (PG) 1 $249.99. Under the supervision of its original designer, Kanetake Ebika 2 $244.99. The 00 Raiser Gundam Model Kit features both units, GN-0000 00 … 3 $139.99. GAT-X105 Strike Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime 4 $269.99. From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime, the PG Strike Gundam has b …

Where can I buy official Gundam toys?

Shop for official Gundam Model Kits, Toys & Action Figures at’s online store. Plus tons more Bandai toys sold here.

What is perfectperfect Grade Gunpla?

Perfect Grade is a series of 1/60 scale Gunpla and is the ultimate line from Bandai kits. Originates in 1997 with the PG Evangelion EVA-01 and later transferred to The Gundam franchise in 1998.