How many members are there in Thiruvathira?

How many members are there in Thiruvathira?

As per Hindu mythology, this dance is what brought Kamadeva (God of Love) back to life when he had been burnt to ashes by Lord Shiva’s fury. Groups of up to eight or ten women are seen dressed in traditional Kerala attire, dancing in a circle.

What is the English name of Thiruvathira star?


Nakshatra/ Star Name of the tree in English
3 Krittika/ Karthika Cluster Fig/ Country Fig/ Fig
4 Rohini Jamun/ Black Plum
5 Mrigashirsha/ Makayiram Cutch Tree/ Milmesha/ Ebony
6 Aardra/ Thiruvathira Cashmere Tree/ Long Pepper/ Red Sandal

What is the significance of Thiruvathira?

Significance in Kerala Thiruvathira is the nakshatra or “star” of Lord Shiva as per the Malayalam calendar. It is believed that on this day, the Goddess Parvathi finally met Lord Shiva after her long penance and Lord Shiva took her as a saha-dharma chaarini (equal partner).

Is Thiruvathira a ritual?

Thiruvathirakali was initially a ritual dance performed by women, in order to attain marital bliss, on the Thiruvathira day of the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December – January). Today, Thiruvathirakali has become a popular dance form for all seasons.

How do you celebrate Arudra Darshan?

Rituals of Arudra Darshan Devotees wake up early in the morning and take a head bath. They perform Pooja and visit Shiva temples. A lamp is lighted using ghee, and a vrat or fast is observed on this day. Food is consumed only on the next day after Brahmins have been fed.

What are the items of Ettangadi?

Offering the ‘ettangadi’ is one of the most important rituals of the ardra vratham which is observed during the Malayalam month of Dhanu. Local and fresh produce like taro, yam, lesser yam, Chinese potato (koorkka), purple yam, raw plantain, big bananas, brown beans and jaggery are the main ingredients in ‘ettangadi. ‘