How many JCPenney stores are in Illinois?

How many JCPenney stores are in Illinois?

JCPenney – stores located in Illinois

Area: Illinois
JCPenney locations in Illinois total: 43 stores and outlets in database
Number of JCPenney active flyers: 1 active flyer
Official JCPenney website (stores and outlets online):

How many JCPenney locations are there?

Number of J.C. Penney department stores in the United States from 2012 to 2019

Characteristic Number of department stores
2019 846
2018 864
2017 872
2016 1,013

Does JCPenney exist anymore?

Near the end of May, JCPenney filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, announcing that it would permanently close about 30 percent of its stores. Since then, the retailer has already closed more than 150 locations. Now, it plans to close an additional 15 stores by the end of March 2021, USA Today reports.

Is JCPenney closing in Chicago?

JCPenney to close 5 Illinois stores, but Niles, Lombard, Vernon Hills, North Riverside reopen to business – Chicago Tribune.

How many J.C. Penney’s are left?

There are 690 J C Penney locations in the United States as of January 11, 2022.

Is JCPenney closing stores in 2021?

JC Penney closed some 170 locations in 2020 following what it called a “comprehensive review of the JC Penney retail footprint.” The closures continued in 2021, including the Andalusia, Enterprise, Florence, Scottsboro and Spanish Fort locations in Alabama.

What is the biggest mall in Chicago?

Woodfield Mall
Woodfield Mall is Chicagoland’s largest shopping center and number one tourist attraction in Illinois. The mall spans more than 2.2 million square feet and features nearly 300 stores, restaurants, and specialty shops.