How does Golden Sun work?

How does Golden Sun work?

Golden Sun contains both random monster encounters, featuring randomly selected enemies, and compulsory boss battles that advance the story. When a battle begins, a separate screen is brought up in which the player’s party faces off against the enemy.

Is Golden Sun Lost Age a sequel?

Strictly speaking, Golden Sun: The Lost Age is not sequel. It doesn’t add a whole lot to the first game, and it certainly doesn’t change the core gameplay. Instead, as was intended by Camelot all along, it is part two of the Golden Sun story.

How popular was Golden Sun?

Golden Sun was ranked 94 and The Lost Age was ranked 78 on IGN’s Readers Choice Top 100 games ever….Reception.

Game GameRankings Metacritic
Golden Sun 89% 91/100
Golden Sun: The Lost Age 87% 86/100
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 81% 79/100

What console is Golden Sun on?

Game Boy Advance The original GameBoy Advance console developed, manufactured and marketed by Nintendo and released in 2001. It is the original system Golden Sun was specifically designed for.

Will Golden Sun return?

If you were a fan of Nintendo during the Game Boy Advance generation, then you might have experienced Camelot’s fantasy role-playing series Golden Sun. As much as fans would love to see this series make a return, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any plans of reviving it.

What is the difference between Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age?

Players can transfer their characters and items from Golden Sun to The Lost Age by means of a password system or Game Link Cable, and players are rewarded for fully completing both games….

Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Mode(s) Single-player, 2 players via Game Link Cable

How do you get Golden Sun password?

The Password function in the Golden Sun games is a way to transfer data from the first game to the second game. The password is obtained from the first game’s Send menu, which is made accessible by holding left on the D-pad and the R shoulder button simultaneously while pressing Start on the game’s main menu.

How many Golden Sun games are there?

[2] As a handheld title, Golden Sun was originally going to be a single game, but due to both the hardware limitations of putting the game on a single Game Boy Advance cartridge and the developers’ own desire for what they wanted to do with the game, it was expanded to become two successive games, Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

What are the reviews for Golden Sun?

Golden Sun met with generally strong reviews, of which many were emphatically glowing. Many praised the game’s vibrant graphics, high-quality sound, and varied, refined RPG gameplay, with particular optimism on the Djinn-based gameplay system and Battle aspect.

What is the setting of goldengolden Sun?

Golden Sun, in terms of its plot and setting, takes place in a fantasy setting that may be considered fairly typical of classic-style RPGs. It is the world of ” Weyard “, a massive earth-like environment with several major continents and many oceans.

Is golden sun the best GBA game?

Golden Sun rates a 9.2/10 on MobyGames, and an 8.5/10 on (the main complaint being low replay value, it was still titled “GBA’s Golden Child”). In 2001, Golden Sun won the Nintendo Power Award for best Game Boy Advance game of the year.