How does a wiggy voltage tester work?

How does a wiggy voltage tester work?

The “Wiggy” is a simple, extremely durable line voltage indicator (tester). It has two test leads connected to a solenoid coil inside a molded plastic casing. If it is reading AC current, a neon lamp in the face of the tester lights-up, the unit hums and vibrates.

What is the voltage range of a wiggy?

0V to 600V
There is a single range, from 0V to 600V. At the top of the meter is a permanent magnet rotor that shows DC polarity by loudly clicking one way or the other. For AC it vibrates, again quite audibly. The voltage levels are approximate, so the instrument is used only when exact amounts are not an issue.

How much is a Klein Tools voltage tester?

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Is Klein a good multimeter?

Overall a great function-packed meter for an affordable price. I do believe Klein still cares about their products and reputation, so I don’t think they’d put their name on an inferior meter.

Why is it called a Wiggy?

The name “Wigginton,” the nickname “Wiggy” colloquially given to the common device by electricians, and the eventual trademark of that nickname were all derived from the name of the company employing the inventors who invented it.

Who makes Klein multimeter?

Privately owned Klein Tools is a famous US maker of quality hand tools, with a focus on the electrical and utility applications trades. They manufacture thousands of locally made items, including pliers, screwdrivers, crimpers and bolt cutters, as well as tool bags and Klein multimeters.