How do I remove the diverter from my Kohler faucet?

How do I remove the diverter from my Kohler faucet?

Unscrew the bonnet, the dome-shaped covering, counterclockwise to expose the valve and mounting nut; the bonnet should remove easily by hand (Fig. 3). Firmly grasp the hub toward the base of the faucet while hold the spout and pull the entire assembly up and off of the body of the faucet.

How do you take apart a Kohler single handle faucet?

Replace the Valve in a Single Handle Faucet

  1. Turn off the water to the faucet.
  2. Remove the plug button from the handle (Fig.
  3. Loosen the screw underneath the plug button to remove the handle (Fig.
  4. Unscrew the bonnet counterclockwise to expose the valve and the mounting nut; the bonnet should remove easily by hand (Fig.

Do all kitchen faucets have a diverter?

Besides kitchen faucets, other faucets also have diverters. A tub and shower faucet, for example, has a diverter to redirect water from the showerhead to the tub spout. The diverter is usually located on the tub spout or as a lever or button on the faucet.

Why is my kitchen sprayer not working?

Why does my sink sprayer not work? More often, when your sink sprayer fails to work, the main problem is always with the diverter. You can always check this by removing the sink sprayer head and turning on the water. If the water flow is weak, you should start budgeting for a new diverter and replace it soon.

Why does my kitchen faucet thump when I turn it on?

If you hear a rapid clunking noise when you turn on the faucet that could mean air is trapped in the pipes. If the noise does not disappear after that, then call a professional to have your pipes checked. There’s no need for you to have to put up with a faucet that makes a clunking noise.

How do you fix a faulty diverter valve?

Diverter Valve on a Spigot

  1. Unscrew the set screw. See how the spigot is attached to the wall.
  2. Unscrew spigot from the wall. Be careful!
  3. Wash Supply Pipe. Make sure that you clean off any bits of gunk from the supply pipe.
  4. Replace new spout on the copper pipe.
  5. Test it and make sure it works!

Where is the diverter on a kitchen faucet?

Over time, dirt and debris collect in the diverter, which is the part that allows the water to switch between the faucet spout and sidespray. For some faucet models, the diverter is located in the faucet or could be located in a hose connection underneath the sink.

What is a k10412 faucet?

The K-10412 Forté Faucet’s premium metal construction ensures a long life, and the Vibrant Finish for Life helps resist scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing. All Forté Faucets come in several finishes and boast distinctive color and texture selections, including authentic hand-brushed finishes.

Why Kohler ceramic disc valves?

KOHLER ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards for a lifetime of durable performance. Single lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy. Temperature memory allows faucet to be turned on and off at the temperature set during prior usage. 1.5 gpm (5.7 lpm) maximum flow rate at 60 psi (4.14 bar).