How do I label the legend on a pie chart in Excel?

How do I label the legend on a pie chart in Excel?

in the upper-right corner of the chart, and then select the Legend check box. Optional….

  1. Select your chart in Excel, and click Design > Select Data.
  2. Click on the legend name you want to change in the Select Data Source dialog box, and click Edit.
  3. Type a legend name into the Series name text box, and click OK.

How do you show the legend in a pie chart?

Put pie chart legend entries next to each slice

  1. Right click on a data label and choose Format Data Labels.
  2. Check Category Name to make it appear in the labels.

How do you add a legend to an Excel spreadsheet?

To create a legend in Excel, start by clicking on the chart or graph. You’ll see a plus sign on the right. Click on this, and a Chart Elements menu pops up. Check the box next to “Legend.” A chart or graph legend will immediately appear.

How do you show legend in Excel chart?

Add a chart legend

  1. Click the chart.
  2. Click Chart Elements. next to the table.
  3. Select the Legend check box. The chart now has a visible legend.

How do you explode a pie chart in Excel?

Right-click the pie chart, then click Format Data Series. Drag the Pie Explosion slider to increase the separation, or enter a number in the percentage box.

How do I rearrange the legend in an Excel chart?

How to change the order of your chart legend

  1. Step 1: To reorder the bars, click on the chart and select Chart Tools.
  2. Step 2: In the Select Data Source pop up, under the Legend Entries section, select the item to be reallocated and, using the up or down arrow on the top right, reposition the items in the desired order.

How do you explode a pie chart in Excel 2021?

How do you explode the biggest slice of pie?

In Excel, you can drag the pie slices outward to explode all of the slices away from each other….Exploding a Single Pie Slice

  1. Click your pie chart to select it.
  2. To select a pie slice, click it once.
  3. Click and drag the selected slice outward. The selected slice appears exploded.

How do you create a legend?

Add a chart legend

  1. Click the chart to which you want to add a legend, click the Chart Elements button. , and then click Legend.
  2. To change the location of the legend, click the arrow next to Legend and then click the location that you want.

Where should a legend go on a map?

Legends usually appear near the bottom of a map or around the outer edges, outside of or within the map. If you’re placing the legend within the map, set it apart with a distinctive border, and take care not to obscure important areas of the map.