How do I know what kind of bug this is?

How do I know what kind of bug this is?

To be sure you’re really looking at an insect, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Does it have six legs? All insects do.
  2. Are there three distinct body regions—head, thorax, and abdomen? If not, it’s not a true insect.
  3. Do you see a pair of antennae? Antennae are a necessary insect feature.
  4. Does it have a pair of wings?

How do you identify insects and pests?

  1. Step 1: Examine the Plant. If you suspect an insect is causing problems, examine the plant. Check the leaves, top and bottom, looking for insects, caterpillars, and egg masses.
  2. Step 2: Identify the Type of Pest. Entomologists (insect specialists) often categorize insects by how they feed. Chewing insects eat leaves.

How do you identify pest disease?


  1. plant death.
  2. die-back of shoot-tips.
  3. failure of plants to thrive such as a reduction in growth or low production.
  4. low germination rates.
  5. yellow, black, brown or orange spots on leaves.
  6. unusual markings or colouration on leaves or fruit such as yellowing.
  7. leaf curling.
  8. galls where insects have laid eggs.

Can Google lens identify bugs?

When it comes to identifying bugs on your own, Google Lens can be a great tool, provided you are able to snap a great photo. You don’t have to be a photography expert, but the image should be clear, close, and the insect needs to be visible against the background.

Is there a site to identify bugs?

An easy-to-use insect search tool enabling site visitors to actively search for specific bugs in the Insect Identification database. Use our ‘BUGFINDER’ utility to quickly search the database by making a few basic selections about your insect-in-question.

Where can I take a bug to be identified?

For insect identification questions, the websites below can be useful places to start.

  • iNaturalist (also available via mobiel app: iOS, Android)
  • Ask an Entomologist.
  • What’s That Bug?
  • BugGuide.Net.
  • Pest World Pest Guide.
  • Insect Identification Forum.
  • Insect Identification Key.
  • AntWeb.

What does a stink bug look like?

What do stink bugs look like? Stink bugs are approximately ⅝” long. They are “shield-shaped with a broad abdomen, six legs, and three body segments. Brown marmorated stink bugs are brown-grey with irregular black speckling, brown legs, white undersides, and white banding on their antennae and abodemns.

Who can identify bugs?

In some cases, government agencies provide testing and identification services for specimens of insects and related arthropods. Below are two resources from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. You can also inquire with your local health department about such services in your area.