How do I apply for a green house?

How do I apply for a green house?

In the case of Greenhouse or Polyhouse farming systems, it mainly implements floriculture and horticulture farming activity….National Horticulture Mission subsidy norm:

1. Greenhouse
Wooden Structure Rs. 540 sq.m and Rs. 621 sq.m for hilly areas. 50% of the cost for the maximum area of 4000 Sq.m per beneficiary

How do I get a greenhouse subsidy?

1.2.1 Documents to be submitted with Application Form / Subsidy claim

  1. Application Form in the prescribed Format of respective scheme.
  2. Prescribed cost of Application form and scheme brochure.
  3. Certified copy of record of right over the piece of project-land.
  4. Detailed Project Report (DPR)

How can I get polyhouse subsidy in Telangana?

Eligibility and beneficiaries for polyhouse subsidy in Telangana

  1. All the farmers of the State are eligible for setting polyhouse design.
  2. Beneficiaries can be eligible up to a minimum of 200 sq.
  3. The farmers will be given an option for selection under empanelled companies and registered companies.

Which farming is most profitable in Telangana?

Crops of Telangana

  • Rice. Telangana is in the rice bowl of South India, and RICE is cultivated in about 44 lakh acres.
  • Maize/Corn: Maize (Corn) is the second major cultivated crop in the state of Telangana in around 14 lakh acres producing annually 16 Lakh tonnes.
  • Jowar / Sorghum:
  • Cotton.
  • Castor.
  • Groundnut.
  • Soyabean.
  • Red Gram.

How much do greenhouses cost?

Cost to Build a Greenhouse

Greenhouse Building Prices
National average cost $10,000
Average range $5,000-$20,000
Minimum cost $1,000
Maximum cost $35,000

How do I start a greenhouse farm?

How to Start a Small Greenhouse Business

  1. Conduct a feasibility study to ensure that the local market is large enough to accommodate another greenhouse business.
  2. Determine the type of crops you want to grow.
  3. Determine the size of your operation.
  4. Contact your zoning authority to learn the rules governing your greenhouse.

What is low cost greenhouse?

The low cost greenhouse ensures the year round growing of different cultivar varieties. This may ensure timely availability of cultivars with good vigour. To establish a poly house, the farmer has to invest Rs. 900-1000 for one m2 area using tubular framed structure.

What is difference between greenhouse and Polyhouse?

Polyhouse is a type of greenhouse or we can say that it is a smaller version of greenhouse, where polyethylene is used as the cover. Lath house is one more greenhouse technology where wood is used as the cover. Poly house is cheaper as compared to greenhouse but the later is more long-lasting than polyhouse.

Is Polyhouse farming profitable?

Polyhouse farming is 100% profitable if done the right way, however constructing a Polyhouse can be expensive, building a commercial Polyhouse can run into few crores of rupees. Even though Polyhouse farming subsidies reduce the burden, Polyhouse construction is not for every farmer.

Are greenhouses profitable?

How much profit can a greenhouse business make? A greenhouse can make a tidy profit in its initial years, especially if located in an area where people have a passion for gardening, greenery, and nature. It is not out of the question for a greenhouse to generate a profit of $50,000-$100,000 per year.