How deep do you ice fish for burbot?

How deep do you ice fish for burbot?

He typically starts at dusk by fishing the deeper side of a shoal in 60 to 70 feet, then slowly moves shallower until he’s on top of the shoal. On most lakes, Roy says burbot anglers use catfish bait, such as chicken liver, dead minnows or sliced-up herring, on heavy spoons (or glow-in-the-dark spoons at night).

What’s the best bait for burbot?

Bait. A wide variety of bait can be used for burbot, but fresh fish baits such as whitefish, herring, squid, or smelt are consistently the most effective.

How do you catch a burbot during the day?

Fishing at bottom or with a foot of the bottom will account for most of your burbot catches. When searching for daytime burbot good places to look are sharp breaks off of weed flats. Often good walleye spots can be good burbot spots too.

How do you fish for burbot in the winter?

Fish within a few inches of the bottom in 20 to 60 feet, these depths tend to be productive. Jig at last one lure lightly, bouncing the lure on the bottom from time to time. Check tip-ups every 20 minutes or so, Burbot frequently swallow lures without triggering the flag.

Do you jig for burbot?

For burbot, in the same situation, I use a 3/4-ounce Flasher Jig or a 1.5-ounce Fergie Spoon. Big lures make noise when they hit the bottom, as well displace more water and create more vibration when you jig them.

How do you catch big burbot?

Burbot can be caught at any depth, but fishing near the bottom in 20-60 feet tends to be the most productive. If you are fishing with multiple lines, spread them across a range of depths to start. As the night progresses, consolidate lines near the depths that are producing the most fish.

Are burbot hard to catch?

By early to mid-January, most burbot in shallow lakes have spawned, and catching them becomes more difficult. After spawning, burbot return to the deepest areas of the lake basin where they remain sedentary until the urge to feed and spawn draws them back into shallow water.

How do you get eelpout in ice fishing?

The technique is simple, all you need is some shinny spoon lure that you lower into the water until it mingles with the dirt then you begin to spool the line in, before you know it the eelpout will be on to the bait snapping it up viscously .

How do you get chum for burbot?

For bait on this “do-nothing” tip-up set-up, I prefer chunked ciscoe meat (make sure you keep the hook exposed) or a jumbo salted shiner (cut into 3 pieces and skewered onto the hook). Just be aware that tip-up caught burbot are often “keeper fish” as they can gobble the lure down deep.

How do you catch a freshwater burbot?