How big is the bed of a 2002 Toyota Tacoma?

How big is the bed of a 2002 Toyota Tacoma?

1998 – 2002 Tacomas will be from 184.5 inches for a regular cab, 203.1 inches for the Xtracab model.

What are the dimensions of a Tacoma truck bed?

Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Dimensions You have two truck bed options when it comes to the Tacoma: the standard bed and the long bed. Both offer the same height and width: 19.1 inches and 41.5 inches, respectively.

How wide is the bed of a 2000 Toyota Tacoma?


Cargo Box Length @ Floor 74.5 in
Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings 40.9 in
Length, Overall w/rear bumper N/A in
Ground to Top of Load Floor N/A in
Ground Clearance, Front 6.7 in

How wide is a Tacoma short bed?

41.5 inches wide
There are two options available for the Tacoma model’s bed. Both the Short Bed and the Long Bed are 19.1 inches tall and 41.5 inches wide. Of course, one of the most important things to consider when searching for a pickup truck is the length of the bed. With the Short Bed, you’ll get 60.5 inches in length.

How wide is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma?

66.5 to 70.1″2002 Toyota Tacoma / Width

How long is the box on a Toyota Tacoma?

73.7 inches
Toyota Tacoma trucks are available with a pair of bed length options – a 6.1-foot long bed and a 5-foot short bed. The standard 6.1-foot bed provides 73.7 inches of available length in the bed with a width of 41.5 inches and a depth of 19.1 inches.

How big is the bed of a 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Riding a 121.9-inch wheelbase, the Tacoma Xtracab measures nearly 203 inches long overall. Both versions have a 74.5-inch cargo bed. The Tacoma Double Cab is the same size as the Xtracab, but because it has a larger interior, the cargo bed shrinks to 61.5 inches long.

How big is the bed of a 2001 Toyota Tacoma?

Four doors and a five-foot bed provide that utility.

How long is a Toyota Tacoma with a 5-foot bed?

Toyota Tacoma Pickup Bed Dimensions 5-foot bed (length/width/height): 60.5/41.5/19.1 inches. 6-foot bed (length/width/height): 73.7/41.5/19.1 inches.

How reliable is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma?

Edmunds’ Expert Review The 2002 Toyota Tacoma is a capable compact pickup with a variety of body styles to suit most buyers. Has a reputation for reliability, but value in question due to high asking prices.

What size engine does a 2002 Toyota Tacoma have?

2.4 L 4-cylinder
2.7 L 4-cylinder3.4 L V6
2002 Toyota Tacoma/Engine