Can you wear fraternity letters?

Can you wear fraternity letters?

What is the social etiquette on wearing Greek letters from a college fraternity/sorority post graduation? – Quora. There really isn’t any, except most sororities, don’t like to see their greek letters printed on the seat of pants, shorts, sweats, etc. It’s deemed a sign of disrespect for the organization.

What do you do with old fraternity letters?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Pass it down. Give it to a neo or someone else who you know is a member of your organization.
  2. Store it. Buy a plastic bin and just pack it all in there.
  3. Frame it and hang it on your wall.
  4. Cut it up and make it into a blanket or pillow.
  5. If you absolutely have to get rid of it, destroy it.

How big are Greek letters on shirts?

What size are the letters? All letters on the sleeve and back are two inches. Numbers on the back are six inches on most sizes; eight inches on larger sizes.

What does it mean when a frat guy gives you his letters?

Lavaliering. If you’re wondering what is lavaliering, it is when a member of a fraternity bestows a necklace with his Greek letters onto an important sorority woman in his life. The person who receives the lavalier can wear it whenever they wish.

Are you allowed to wear letters before initiation?

Yes, you can wear your sorority letters before Initiation, but there is one restriction. Until you are initiated, you cannot wear anything with the crest of your sorority. You can, however, wear anything that has the name of your sorority written out in Greek letters or word-for-word.

Can you sell Greek paraphernalia?

The only way to legally create and sell merch that is printed with fraternity or sorority letters and logos is to get a license. Once approved, the seal serves as an agreement between your company and the Greek organization that you have the right to produce items containing their marks in exchange for royalties.

What can I do with old Greek shirts?

Cut it up and make it into a blanket or pillow. If you absolutely have to get rid of it, destroy it. Cut it up or burn it before you dispose of it so it cannot be worn by anyone else. (This is a last resort.

How do you wash Greek letters?

When you wash your Greek letter shirts it is always a good idea to wash your shirt with like colors and on a delicate cycle, never a cotton or permanent-press cycle….Washing

  1. Wash on a delicate cycle with as close to like colors as possible.
  2. Wash inside-out!
  3. Cold water, never hot!
  4. Remove promptly when done washing.

How much fabric do I need for sorority letters?

How much fabric should I purchase & send in?

Letter Sets Amount
1 – 2 20” X 20”
3 – 4 1/4 yard
5 – 8 1/2 yard
9 -12 1 yard